Our Kitchen Remodel: The Complete List of Organization, Storage, & Design Ideas!

Looking for kitchen inspiration, organization and storage hacks, or any other details on our kitchen remodel? You’re in the right place!

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Kitchen Remodel + Design Tips:

#1: Why Did We Rip Out Our New Kitchen?

#2: The 3 Perks of Removing a Wall in Your Kitchen.

#3: White Kitchen with Dark Wood Floors: Would We Do It Again?

#4: 5 Ways We Made Our Kitchen Look Bigger!

#5: Some (But Not All!) Before & Afters of Our Kitchen Remodel.

#6: That Time They Blatantly Demolished Our New Kitchen.

white kitchen remodel with islands

#7: A Breath of Fresh Air: Why We Designed Our Kitchen Island Without Pendant Lighting!

#8: Why We Created a Double Island Kitchen Layout.

#9: 3 Reasons to Avoid Standard Counter Height in Your Kitchen.

#10: Pain Relief: What We Did to Customize Our Countertop Heights.

#11: Quartz Countertops: 10 Ways to Spoil Yourself for Life!

#12: How to Save Big on Quartz Counters!

#13: Avoid Decision Fatigue: Choosing Countertops

Kitchen Organization & Storage Ideas:

#1: 5 Brilliant Kitchen Organization Ideas that Make Life Easier.

#2: The 3 Bonus Cabinet Storage Ideas Every Kitchen Needs!

#3: Tea Drawer Organization: Our #1 Tea Trick.

#4: 5 Genius Reasons to Choose Kitchen Drawers INSTEAD of Cabinets.

#5: The 3 Irresistible Benefits of Kitchen Appliance Cabinet Storage!

#6: What to Think About When Creating Your Spice Rack Drawers!

#7: Dry Me a River: 7 Perks of a Built-in Countertop Drainboard

#8: Slide Out: 3 Tips for a Cutting Board Drawer!

#9: Can You Believe Where We Hide Our (Other) Countertop Appliances?

#10: Make Life Easier: Our 21 Real-life Kitchen Organization Hacks, Ideas & Tips!

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