Sneak Peek: Modern Spanish-Style Client Backyard!

Can you smell summer coming! πŸ™‚

Here’s a client project we’re working on…a modern Spanish-style backyard here in southern California.

(We’ll also show you some finalized client design pics at the end!)

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I especially love these outdoor sofas! (I’m super picky about outdoor furniture and try to avoid the standard-looking ones at all costs!πŸ˜…

sofas / firepit / olive tree / fountain


If you’ve read my post about our front courtyard, you may remember my love for fountains (and what I did to convert our old one!).

The one I’ve put in the above image is pretty inexpensive as far as large fountains can go, and I love the clean lines!

One “trick” I sometimes use is combining a fountain feature into the pool (when the backyard design includes a pool of course πŸ™‚ ). This current client does not, but I’m envisioning something similar sans-pool.

olive trees

If you love this look but don’t live in an environment where you can grow olive trees outside, why not buy a faux one that you can bring outdoors in summertime (in a protected spot like a porch or under a pergola near the house is best if your sun gets intense!) to give you that Mediterranean vibe? This faux olive tree is the best-looking one I’ve found and comes as small as 6 feet or as tall as 9 feet!

Alternative option: Bring in some lavender (like we did for this client’s modern Spanish-style gate)!


While this isn’t the one shown in my example design board above, THIS is the firepit I’m loving the texture of most right now! (And it’s actually less expensive, so I’m definitely including it in my #1 recommendation concept board to the clients, which isn’t done yet.)

That board was my first pass at giving them a visual, as some clients struggle with envisioning what’s described to them verbally. It’s hard for them to envision, thus one of the reasons why they’ve hired us! The Vision! We can see it without having to mock up a thing, but mockups can really help some people who struggle to “see” it.

I LOVE working with client who want or have Spanish-style designs for their home…but to “mod it up” and help them take it to the next level! Cookie cutter backyards just don’t give the same atmosphere and enjoyment!
Another one of my “tricks” is putting a fire feature to reflect on the pool. Save yourself hours (and thousands) and get all our other tricks HERE!
OK, I couldn’t resist just ONE more firepit beauty shot! I also want to draw your attention to doing multiple seating areas, which many clients start out saying they don’t need…but end up realizing how magical it feels! Love love love.

The above photo also reminds me, you’ve GOT to read my 15 Mistakes to AVOID with your patio furniture!

The Pavilion

This is being completely custom-made as the layout is being uniquely designed by us down to the inch–from the outdoor kitchen to dining area to fireplace living area placement, and there is no picture on the internet that will capture the design. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, you just gotta find a placeholder to give a general idea!

I love to create both shaded and unshaded seating areas in sunny climates. To the right you can see a beautiful covered area we created as an alternative to the open pool seating.

What about *Your* outdoor space?!

Sometimes I don’t know which I enjoy more: designing interiors or exteriors! (Anyone who’s been in our backyard and has heard our design story about it knows how much outdoor spaces mean to us–and how much we enjoy designing them for people.)

While this particular client design is beautiful, you haven’t seen the layout of this amazing backyard yet–and why we’ve chosen the items we have. Each space is unique, and copying what someone else has done will leave your space lacking.

A calm minimalist-style Spanish backyard that was fairly small but we achieved a lot. I love the subtlety in this one so much!

We’re here to help find the one-of-a-kind vibe for you and your outdoor space. If you need help figuring out your layout, flow, finishes, furnishings, or any other ideas for your outdoor living areas this year, choose a phone or video consult or grab our Backyard Guide at the end of our Plans & Design Guides Page and see how we can help you!


– Jess & Matt


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I know this isn’t exactly a glamorous shot, but we helped this family create areas to attractively HIDE their storage areas for things like garbage and bikes…function can be beautifully and thoughtfully done! πŸ™‚
Here was a challenging project with a relatively small backyard BUT we still found a way to fit in an outdoor kitchen, pool, multiple seating areas for dining and even a firepit lounge!
Another one of my favorite things to encourage clients to do is look for “little” areas we can add in some unexpected seating areas and future moments for them to enjoy.

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