LG Viatera Cirrus vs Minuet Quartz Countertops Colors: Avoid Decision Fatigue!

Today we’re walking you through pictures of the exact quartz countertops colors we chose (namely, the LG Viatera Cirrus), as well as why! (And why we like this color even more after seven years of use!) We’re also comparing it to the incredibly similar LG Viatera Minuet quartz countertop.

How does one even start to chose a quartz countertop color—let alone the design—within that color scheme? Look no further! You’ll want to check out our other super-helpful post on “7 Strategies to Choosing Interior Colors!” It’s the perfect start to narrowing down your search from the beginning, because once you know the color scheme you want, half of your quartz battle is already over! 💪

Avoiding Decision Fatigue is where it’s at!

We’re answering questions like:

  • “How do I choose my perfect quartz countertop color?”
  • “What were your top quartz ‘finalists’ and why?”
  • “Which cabinet paint color did you use with your white quartz countertops?”
  • “How does this quartz countertop look in real life? (Beauty shots vs phone photos?!)”
  • “What do you love or hate about the quartz pattern you chose?”


How We Started.

Let’s just start by saying no one has paid us for this post in any way (but maybe we should look into that now!🤣). We chose our quartz countertop material long before we started this blog and our design business.

We chose our LG Viatera Cirrus quartz at a stoneyard in the San Fernando Valley one day in 2015, while tirelessly looking for the perfect kitchen countertops during our surprise kitchen remodel.

(We later revisited many of these exact same stoneyards when looking for our grout-free porcelain shower slabs, but you can read about that here.)

Step #1:

First, I chose to look for white quartz countertops based on my interior color strategy for our particular home.

Step #2:

Next, I started visiting local showrooms (within reasonable driving distance with an infant who hated carseats) to see white quartz countertop colors and designs in person. Originally, I thought I wanted something like this (with a lighter background and dramatic veining) for our kitchen countertops, much like I looked for with our solid slab shower walls.

Here was one design I considered (from showroom #1,784 that I visited):

quartz counters in showroom with veining
See our complete kitchen remodel HERE!

However, I spotted the LG Viatera “Cirrus” design by accident and suddenly had a conundrum on my hands! Something about it I instinctively liked even more than the options available with the more dramatic veining…

…and the cost didn’t hurt either! The “dramatic vein” style quartz was so much more expensive that it made consideration of the more subtle veins in the LG Viatera Minuet and Cirrus (two similar ones I started narrowing it down to) something I could NOT ignore. (Especially when we needed to buy three giant slabs! See our exact quartz countertop costs HERE.)

Step #3:

Once I had a really good handle on what I was looking for, we set aside an entire Saturday to drive out to some spots in “The Valley”—the best place to find deals near us, but far enough from where we lived not to be taken lightly when you have a small child in tow. (Did I mention that one hated being strapped into anything, including her carseat? Just to keep life exciting for her parents.)

We called stoneyards ahead of time to see who had actual, real-life quartz slabs of the colors we were considering, because while a showroom can show you one part of a slab,

they don’t show you the whole slab design!

And you will want—nay, NEED—to look at your whole slab design! (Why? See this post with our #1 tip for saving on your quartz slabs.)


“How much does Viatera quartz cost?”

We share the details about exactly how much we paid for our quartz slabs + installation in this post: “Hold Onto Your Shorts: How to Save Big on Quartz!”


A Picture is Worth a Thousand…You Know.

comparison of LG Viatera Cirrus and LG Viatera Minute next to each other in quartz countertop samples

original photo

You can see the pattern in the Cirrus (our final choice) vs the pattern in the Minuet quartz countertop material.

And you know I love me some subtle. 😉

Buuuuut, not too subtle. Why is this important? Read on!

PS: More closeups of the LG Viatera Minute quartz vs the Viatera Cirrus can be found here and here.

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Why I love it even more after 7 years of use.

To be honest, my initial reaction was buyer’s remorse the first time the installers brought in our Cirrus countertops.

Why? Well, somehow between all my searching and install day, I had re-imagined how my countertops would look (my magical unicorn vision) and forgotten what I’d actually decided on. (And forgotten that Unicorn Quartz is not yet a thing. Clearly I should start my own line…)

Yet I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and embraced my fate with the Cirrus. I’d made my bed, and you know what you gotta do then.

3 Reasons I realized it was perfect.

However, over time, I began to truly appreciate and dare I say love this Cirrus countertop color-design-pattern. Why?

  1. The dramatic veined ones I’d originally looked at began to look a bit dated when I saw them year after year in other places. I felt glad I didn’t go that route.
  2. I forgot about the magical unicorn quartz I’d envisioned somewhere between purchase and installation. (Honestly. I can’t even remember it so can’t describe what it looked like. So much for my product line.)

Can you tell #3 is wherein the greatest excitement lies?

kitchen with LG Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops and white cabinets
Double Island. Double the fun!

Why do I love these Cirrus quartz countertops? The pattern is perfect for hiding ANYTHING on our kitchen counters! (Yippee skippee, dance all night!)

While in a perfect world, my kitchen counters would be cleaned to perfection at the end of the day, that’s not real life. Like, at all. (PS: My trip to The Valley resulted in a slight lingering accent.)

Viatera Cirrus quartz with countertop runnels next to sink
See our post about our countertop runnels next to our sink HERE!

Sure, if there’s a major mess we clean it up immediately, but otherwise we don’t have to fuss about these Cirrus countertops! If a speck gets missed, you can barely see it and it’s not bugging me. Take one speck times eighty and again, easy breezy! I let it go because I can’t see the dang things.

And therein lies the magic of Cirrus that won my heart.

Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops around sink with hot water dispenser faucet
Can you guess the least expensive update we made during our kitchen remodel?

But enough of all these beauty shots…we all want to see what the Cirrus quartz looks like in a basic phone photo, right?!? To compare? Let’s do it!


Because everyone wants to see what it looks like in REAL LIFE. (If phone photos are considered real life, which is another discussion.)

Here’s how the Viatera Cirrus looks on one of our double islands in an iPhone photo:

kitchen with LG Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops closeup
How To Save Big On Quartz!

Now, check the difference with the below pic to the left of our sink!

Just because it’s a phone photo doesn’t mean it’s a true color. The phone changes the whole color depending on the lighting situation. Above looks lighter and cooler; below looks busier and warmer.

closeup of LG Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops
We chose to use this quartz for our backsplash behind our stove too!

But the real focus is to show you that these are our quartz countertops

while dirty!

Sí, señores. I did not wipe down these counters for photos.

closeup of Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops on kitchen island
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If you really want to zoom in, you’ll see little flecks and bits of food from the 3+ meals per day our family eats in this kitchen.

But therein lies the beauty of this Cirrus pattern. It’s beautiful when it’s clean, and it’s beautiful when it’s dirty.

Even when iPhone photos don’t do it justice.

closeup of LG Viatera Cirrus quartz countertops on kitchen island

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Color differences in photos.

This is one reason we highly recommend taking the time to research your quartz countertops in person. You want to be careful about researching this solely on the internet.

Why? We give you Exhibit A, which is our quartz countertop runnels next to the sink.

Here’s why you can’t always trust photos.

Photo #1 was taken with my SLR:

Viatera Cirrus quartz with countertop runnels next to sink
7 Perks Of A Built In Countertop Drainboard!

Photo #2 is the exact same spot, but a photo taken with my iPhone. I can’t say enough that it does not look like this in real life. It’s like the phone takes every single little fleck and then amplifies the color to make it extra dark.

LG Viatera Cirrus quartz with countertop runnels next to sink
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Wild, aye? They don’t even look like the same quartz color, let alone design and pattern. Yet they are. Exactly the same.

Simply a change in the photo-taking equipment.

Word to the wise.

Three of the most popular options you can easily order samples to check out in-person are:

  1. Caesarstone 10in x 5 in quartz countertop sample
  2. Silestone 2 in x 4 in quartz countertop sample
  3. Cambria 3 in x 3 in quartz countertop sample

However, please read our above tips and reasons you shouldn’t depend on small samples to make your final quartz countertop choice! I know, I know…I want to be lazy too, but I’m telling you: go see the slab in person! You’re going to have these countertops for years; it’s worth a few hours to make sure they’re right.

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Examples of White Quartz Countertops with Gold Veins

Many people often search for white quartz countertops with gold veining, some of the best of which are Calacatta Gold Quartz Countertop and Calacatta Classique.

While our Cirrus has mostly greys, it has a creaminess and warmth to it that we love and would look great with gold or brass hardware if you wanted to bring in some more gold tones. It’s not too grey of a quartz.


“My kitchen counters always look pristine even when they’re not!”

If you don’t want any veining in your countertops, and you’re looking for a solid color, that’s difficult to find in natural stone. Quartz has dozens, if not hundreds, of different colors!

Because we went with a pattern with small flecks throughout it, we don’t see a thing! So you might want to reconsider going with a completely solid quartz, if that’s your bent. Others who have chosen solid colors in quartz have complained that those show every little mark or crumb left out on the counter. Who doesn’t love low-maintenance? (Answer: Crazy people.)


“What paint color did you do for your cabinets to match the quartz?”

We used our favorite white paint: Benjamin Moore “Swiss Coffee.” Easy breezy.

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  1. Kelly S.

    I am trying to decide between Cirrus and Minuet for my white kitchen. I love the subtlety of Cirrus but am worried it will look to creamy/off-white. Minuet seems more white. What are your thoughts?

    1. Jess

      Hello and thank you for your message! We love hearing from all of you and are excited you’re working on such fun and challenging projects to make your life run smoother! With all the requests for free advice we receive every week via our website and social media platforms, we’re unable to respond to each of them in detail (especially when they’re more complicated questions that depend on a number of your unique factors)! If you’re in need of immediate assistance, we offer personalized home design consultations with Matt and myself here:


      Jess & Matt

  2. Lisa Piotrowski

    So I have a question. Hope you can help. We used Cabinets Direct who set us up with our fabricator. We had a bad experience. Our CD person called two days after the sale to tell us there was $500.00 travel fee because our fabricator was from NY and we live in NJ. She also called later to say they were off on the measurements and it would be an extra $600.00. She sent us the receipt for purchase of Viatera Minuet before we even saw the slab. 3 weeks later we drove two hours to Allstate Fabricators in NY. We said yes to the slab and asked about warranty and he said we get warranty through Cabinets Direct. Should we have received a certificate of proof that we actually purchased Viatera from the fabricator? Nothing made sense. Thanks for any input you may have on the matter. Lisa and Joe from New Jersey

  3. Linda

    I am definately in a very stressed out place. Long story short, installer did a terribly job cutting my quartz backsplash. He has
    no artistic eye. Your article caught my attention. I am wondering if you can tell me where the showroom is which you mention as
    Visit to showroom #1,784?

    1. Jess

      Hi Linda! I SO wish I could recall but it was years ago! Are you in the L.A. area?

  4. Janet

    In our search for the perfect countertop to go with our new, very pale grey cabinets, we just came across a slab of the Minuet (no Cirrus in sight but might be able to special order it?) and thought the subtlety was pretty good. Unfortunately, our smallish, eastern Washington State town doesn’t have a lot of local options. Can you please tell me if the slab in the background of your comparison samples is the Cirrus or is it the Minuet? Or something else? Who knew this decision would be SO difficult!!!!? Thanks for the blog!

    1. Jess

      Hi Janet! You’re right that it’s a difficult decision—probably because we’re given so many options these days!😂 I don’t know what slab is in the background of the Cirrus and Minuet samples, I was just focused on those two at the time!😄 Best of luck in your decision making!

      – Jess

  5. Donna

    I’m sitting here with samples of Cirrus and Minuet and have also looked at the slabs. I was shown several options then I spotted Cirrus and loved it immediately. I did narrow my options down to Cirrus and Minuet. I’ve been thinking about this for days. I was 99% sure I’d pick the Cirrus then I found your post and now I’m 100% going with Cirrus. I like subtle too and not craze about the veins. Thank you so much!!

    1. Jess

      So awesome, Donna! Love hearing that!!😄 Glad we helped give you that confidence. Enjoy!!

      – Jess and Matt

  6. BeckyinBeverly

    Do you think the cirrus would work with cream cabinets?

    1. Jess

      It could! Hard to say as there are hundreds if not thousands of different shades and hues of “cream”!😂

      We’re available for 1-hour consult bookings if you need more personalized help! Just go to our Design Guides page to book!

      Jess and Matt

  7. Shari

    Hi Jess, just discovered your blog. I also need to head to “The Valley” for my countertops. Would you mind sharing where you purchased your countertops? My cabinets will be BM Chantilly Lace so I’m taking a painted sample door with me to compare undertones between the cirrus and minuet. Just an FYI, my mom oiled her butcher block cutting board and it did stain her minuet countertop so regardless of my choice I’ll keep my oil bottles on a plate or small slab of countertop. Thanks for all the information!

    1. Jess

      Hi Shari! These are the countertops we chose, and we just ordered them directly through our installer. 🙂

      – Jess

  8. Rebecca

    Your article came at perfect time. We are buying a house, and I’m sitting here with a sample of the Minuet!!! It’s a builder upgrade (go figure), a Level 3. I’m going to now lol at the Cirrus.
    Can you share the backsplash you used? Thanks so much! Your kitchen is gorgeous.

    1. Jess

      Hi Rebecca!

      Thank you! We used the same quartz for our backsplash.

      Congrats on the new house!
      – Jess & Matt

  9. Lisa

    Thank you! Deciding on the Cirrus today! Your photos are super helpful and your kitchen is gorgeous!

    1. Jess

      Awesome! Congrats, Lisa, and thank you! 🙂

      – Jess

  10. Sandra

    Thank you so much…you made my job of choosing our new countertop so much easier! I loved the comparision to Minuet & Cirrus. I was kinda worried that Minuet would appear “busier” than I wanted, so when I saw Cirrus, I was sold! It’s so confusing as you keep looking at all of these patterns and colors.

    1. Jess

      Yay! Thanks Sandra! We love hearing that feedback and hope you enjoy your new countertops!

      Jess & Matt

  11. Terri Grover

    Love your blog, and I’m currently embarking on a complete kitchen renovation. I went to the Sherwin Williams website, and they have no Swiss Coffee. Could it be Benjamin Moore?

    1. Jess

      Thank you so much! How fun! And YES, I should have typed Benjamin Moore but my fingers apparently were too focused in on a recent trip to Sherwin Williams!😂 Can I hire you as my editor, Terri? Thanks!😂


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