How to Save (MAJOR!) Money On Your Backyard Space & Outdoor Updates!

Whether you’re DIYing some outdoor projects yourself or doing a full backyard redesign, remodel, you name it…this guide is for you!

Our most unique yet universal ways + our expert insider tips gleaned over the years that ANYONE can do:

Our 15 Super-Secrets to Saving Serious Money On YOUR Backyard!

We’ve helped clients from the West Coast to the East Coast…

…and from the far north to the deep south…

…and currently assisting international clients as well with their outdoor space planning!

Yes, I want your 15 Trade Secrets to Saving Serious Money On My Backyard!

Here’s a quick post on a client mockup (we helped them save over $30,000 with our tips!)…

Peek at different Spanish-style backyards we’ve done for clients!
A 3D client mockup. See 15 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Outdoor Furniture!

You can see more of our client projects HERE…

…or our own California backyard remodel HERE! 🙂

See the full list of Outdoor Design & Backyard Remodeling!

Yes, I want your 15 Pro Secrets to Saving Serious Money On My Backyard!

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  1. Renee

    Hi! Love what you did with your space! We currently have a tiki bar but have had to replace the thatch roof 3 x now b/c of high winds. We are looking at a more permanent structure. How is the thatch secured? What happens if it rains- are you still protected? Where did you purchase the bamboo? Do you have the roof plans for this? Sorry if you posted a link and I missed it!

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