Baking Drawer: How to Make Your Time More Efficient!

Baking isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Why, you ask?

Well, in baking, you usually have to follow recipes, and I’d rather make things up myself! (No surprise, given what I do for a living.πŸ˜†)

In addition to that, baking isn’t my favorite activity because of all the stuff you need for it. Mixers, bowl for dry ingredients, bowl for wet ingredients, measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisks, this kind of spoon, that kind of spoon, yada yada…you could make a list 18x this long. You know all the stuff I mean.

And having to go dig all that stuff out of cabinets and my pantry was NOT something I wanted to spend my time doing.

set of four extra-deep drawers in white kitchen island with dark wood floors
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Thus, my idea of having ONE big, extra-deep, glorious baking drawer was born! My logic was, maybe if I created a baking drawer with all the things in itβ€”and had it HIGH UP by the counter so I could just pull it out and have it all right there!β€”I’d bake more!

Solid theory, right?

(And of course it had to be a drawer, because I’ve written in detail about how kitchen drawers are better than cabinets!)

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#1: Placement.

Our baking drawer is right across from our oven. We placed it there because the best place to store items is near where you’ll be using them most often, if you can!

two white kitchen islands with drawers, extra-deep drawers, chrome hardware and dark wood floors

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#2: Design.

We didn’t just make this drawer a Lone Drawer. It ties in with the appliance drawers we have in this same section of one of our double islands.

Below is a graphic we created, showing you what items we keep where!

graphic showing placement of baking drawer and appliances in set of four extra-deep drawers in white kitchen island with dark wood floors

drawer dividers | kitchen appliance storage drawers

PS: Don’t think you have enough space to add more drawers in your kitchen? You can create it!


#3: Dimensions.

We made sure our kitchen baking drawer was extra-deep so we could store flours and upright containers in it.

Measurements are 20β€³ deep x 24.75β€³ wide x 12.25β€³ high. I go into more detail on these drawers in my kitchen appliance storage drawers.

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See a quick video of this drawer in action!


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