Raised Patio vs Deck: 15 Perks of Building a Patio!

Both decks and patios add a considerable amount of value to the outdoor space of a home—but how do you decide on a raised patio vs deck for your space?

Every home, backyard, and situation is unique, but today we’re going to answer the question,

“How is a patio better than a deck?”

with 15 reasons patios are generally better than decks! (Yes, we can hear the battle cry of deck lovers about to storm our home!🤣 Hear us out!)


#15: Lower cost to build.

Patios are usually more cost-effective to construct than decks. The reason for this is that they’re usually made out of concrete, bricks, or stone, which are all less expensive materials!

One study showed that—per square foot—patios cost less than half the cost of decks! Yowzas!

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#14: Lower cost to maintain.

Patios also save you money over time. Why? Because they’re usually made of materials like stone and concrete, they don’t require as much maintenance as wood. You can potentially save some maintenance with a deck by going with a composite decking like Trex, but patios still just simply don’t require as much maintenance.

Which brings us to the third benefit, which is that patios are…

#13: Less time required to maintain.

Like to save yourself time? We do too!

Patios are generally lower maintenance than decks. Why? Decks need to be restained or repainted, resealed, power washed—not to mention rebuilt every 15-20 years (sometimes less)!

#12: Solid look.

There’s a look of solidity and permanence with a patio instead of a deck. Often, patios look like they’re woven seamlessly into the home or landscape, whereas decks often stand out a lot more in contrast to their surroundings.

Check out the raised patio we built instead of a deck, and you’ll see what we mean!

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#11: Better customization.

You can uniquely shape a patio to fit perfectly to your space! You can also create more interesting shapes and designs than you can with a deck.

#10: Private property.

No unwanted visitors (i.e. animals) can live under patios, whereas decks often can have this issue. (No thank you!)

#9: Zero lost items.

With a patio, that solid surface means nothing can fall through and get lost.

The same isn’t true for decks, which have plenty of opportunities for loss to occur between the wood planks!

(Speaking of the openings between wood planks in a deck, you’ll want to check out one of the easy mistakes people make with deck furniture!)

#8: Built-in look!

Patios usually have a more custom, built-in look to them, whereas decks tend to look a bit more “added on,” if you know what we mean!

PS: Here’s a quick video we made showing 7 patio mistakes to avoid!

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#7: Longer lasting materials!

Patios are usually made with materials like concrete, brick, and stone, which last longer than the wood used in decks. You could extend the life of your deck using a composite wood material, but it still won’t last as long as a patio material!

#6: Better color selection!

When it comes to customizing your own color for a deck or patio, there are so many options between pavers and especially concrete. Concrete can be stained to any color you want, and pavers come in a variety of hues as well. Wood decks tend to have fewer choices for color and stain.

#5: More texture options!

Patios offer a variety of ways to incorporate different textures, versus wood which has just one texture option.

Patios can be made of a stamped concrete, smooth concrete, pavers, brick, and a variety of stone. Even within the stamped concrete realm, there are a large variety of stamped texture options available!

#4: No weight limits!

Patios generally don’t have weight limits, where decks will. This doesn’t just apply to weight limits on the number of people but also the weight of any furniture or other items you might want to have on your deck or patio.

For example, if you’re wanting to put a heavy hot tub on your deck, you’ll have to consider the weight restrictions that deck has.

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#3: No permits!

Another factor to keep in mind when deciding between a patio versus a deck is that some decks require permits, where patios do not!

#2: Smoother edges!

Decks have more holes, openings, and edges to get caught on than patios do. Whether you’re walking on the surface or wanting to scoot your dining chair in or out, patios tend to have more even, level surfaces than a deck does.

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#1: Creates outdoor living space out of nothing!

This one applies best to raised patios (see our post about how we built our raised patio!), but it’s absolutely worth mentioning!

If you’re wanting to build a deck because you think it’s the only way to create seating space on a slope, think again! Consider building a raised patio instead of a “raised” deck. Some unique sites might require a deck because of the odd slope or positioning of the home, but in most cases a raised patio is preferable to a deck for the above reasons.

It’s just another way to take a space that was previously unusable for outdoor dining or lounging, then turn it into hundreds of extra square feet of usable outdoor living space!


When decks are best!

However, there are certainly times you may prefer a deck over a patio, such as for aesthetic purposes or if you’re in a home that already has a deck and you just want to resurface it.

Every situation is so unique! We’re experts at reimagining outdoor spaces for our clients, so if you have any questions or need help, check out our Plans & Design Guides!


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