How to Convert to Drawers: Our New Guide is Up!

You can either A) spend hours of your time and energy trying to research how to do all this yourself or B) use our guide—we’ve already done ALL the prep work for you!😄💃🏻🙌

Stop wasting your space—our guide on converting your cabinets or shelves into drawers is up HERE!👈

PS: We’ll be incorporating this guide into our larger Kitchen Design & Organization Bundle soon, so now is your chance to grab it solo (if you don’t need the full package yet)!

(If you’re not yet aware of WHY converting to drawers is going to change your life, you’ll want to read “5 Reasons Drawers Are Better Than Cabinets!”)

See EVERYTHING the guide does for you below!👇

We made this quick, fun video showing you in action! 🙂

Included in our Drawer Design Guide + Plans:

  • Design help + your best 3 options for converting cabinet space into drawers!
  • The pros and cons of different drawer sizes!
  • COSTS (don’t pay too much!)! We go over ways to save money, all the different options, what costs to expect and what costs to refuse to pay, along with our source for wholesale drawer fronts
  • What you should and should not pay if someone’s giving you a quote!
  • Adding new drawer fronts vs using what you already have!
  • The most budget-friendly idea that still gets you drawers in place of cabinets!
  • Full discussion of drawer styles and types from both a professional designer’s and professional engineer’s perspective!
  • See every type of cabinet and drawer conversion possible!
  • Navigate the width issues of narrow spaces when wanting to turn that into a drawer (e.g. “How narrow is too narrow?” “How wide is too wide?” See the widest drawers we’ve done!)
  • Drawer slide types, pros and cons of each, and our favorite recommendation!
  • Examples of drawers throughout our home in various styles and how we did it!
  • How to create a custom, high-storage, efficient under sink drawer like ours!
  • Detailed dimension examples, how to measure correctly, how to take off fractions of inches in some cases and WHY!
  • The materials we use with a list for you (and direct link to where you can buy it, for those of you who don’t want to spend hours of your life searching)!
  • Creating your drawer cut list!
  • How to cut your drawer pieces, build any kind of drawer, assemble them easily, and install your new high-quality drawers!
  • Exact, step by step instructions on how we’ve built our drawers and replaced cabinets and shelves with them!
  • Tools list
  • Visual examples
  • Detailed explanations of pros and cons
  • Drawer strategies
  • Drawings and plans
  • Full color photos and illustrations
  • Bonus tips and notes

And these aren’t just for kitchen drawers…they can be anywhere, including in your bathroom vanity like this! (Cabinets in your bathroom vanity are the WORST!)

Another reason to convert to drawers!

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