What to Do When Someone Tries Talking You Out of What You Think You Want!

When creating YOUR kitchen strategy, don’t let yourself get talked out of what YOU think you want! 

There’s a fine line between listening to the professionals and following your gut and YOUR strategy based on facts and logic.

Our Kitchen Design Guides give you this confidence! (Over & over, clients say “Confidence!” is one of their many favorite things our guides have given them!)


A woman set up a consult with me, begging for advice about the proposal she got from a well-known kitchen “design & build” company. The price tag was high, but even that wasn’t her main concern. Her concern was with her cooktop!  She wanted it in her island, but the company kept telling her she should keep her island open. She tried explaining why she liked her stove there, but they insisted & only gave her design options with the stove elsewhere. 

(Honesty, before talking with her, I too might have originally started designing it similarly, BUT…as she explained her heartfelt reasons, I was 100% on Team Keep-It-In-the-Island for her!)

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For me, when we moved into our beach house rental, I realized my big “want” was to have the hot water dispenser we’d had in our big house that I used every day.  I tried to talk myself out of it at first (long story), but then realized I needed to take my own advice that I give clients! 🙂  AND IT WAS THE RIGHT CALL for so many reasons, with HUGE savings across the board from money to energy to time!

What do YOU like, need, want?  And—most important of all—can you explain WHY?  (This is where we help you with your kitchen strategy!)

What happened with the woman who consulted us?  In the end, she was empowered and confident to insist on what she wanted…and she got it! 👏👏👏

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