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What’s the point of having a functional, efficient home if you’re not using all that time & energy you’ve saved to do what you love?💛 

(Us, we like to spend our time both at home AND while adventuring, traveling + experiencing new things!💃🏽)

And then you get to come back to the cozy, functional home space you’ve created using our Plans & Guides!👈

explore for yourself!👇


“We’ve been following Jess & Matt’s adventures for years, ‘stealing’ their ideas & gleaning inspiration. From their couples-only days to their now-do-it-with-kids trips. Always entertaining, you guys!” 

– Nick & Valerie H.

“Matt and Jess aren’t the same-old kinda travel writers. They’re not selling us anything. They’re sharing their story and tips and insights…we’ve learned so much from them.”

– Gary M.

“I really love the way Jess writes, it’s fun to read and I feel like I’ve been on the trip with them. They’re so honest about what it’s really like, & make it seem so possible (it is). Inspires me every time!”

– Helen J.

“We live vicariously through Jess & Matt! (And we recently decided they’re the coolest people we know! 🙂 ) They’re wise about home stuff and travel too…We listen to their advice!”

– Sofie & Ben G.



➞ After living in 8 countries, traveling to 7 continents and experiencing too many areas of the world to count, Matt and I are constantly brimming over with travel tips and stories.  We share ideas for your “free time” with you here as well as on our Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube & TikTok pages)!  

➞ Whether you’re “living vicariously” through us or you want to know how to find these same experiences as well, we’re sharing insider tips & strategies we use to travel smart (both with and without kids!) and soak up the experience!

➞ We genuinely believe adventure and travelwhether it’s high-octane or chillaxinghelps us grow closer to those we’re with.  “If you really want to get to know someone, TRAVEL WITH THEM.”😁

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