Outdoor Countertops: 7 Super-Smart Reasons Concrete Is Yo’ Best Bet!

When it was time to choose outdoor countertops for our outdoor kitchen countertops as well as our outdoor bar countertops, we soon realized concrete was by far our best bet–and it probably will be yours too!


For the 7 reasons let’s discuss below!

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But first, let’s get into seven solid reasons that outdoor concrete countertops would be your best choice!


Reason #1: Shape!

Since we’ve done outdoor countertops in both our outdoor kitchen as well as our poolside bar countertop, we know what it’s like to need a variety of sizes and shapes for outdoor countertops.

One of the most awesome things about concrete is that you can not only form it into any shape you want, but also any custom thickness, depth, everything! If you wanted to, you could do a shorter depth on one side and a deeper depth on the other side. (Such as in our L-shaped bar.) You’re not limited!

view from outdoor bar with concrete countertops next to pool with mountains in distance, thatch roof and black arbor above bartop
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Reason #2: No seams!

We’ve learned this the hard way with other materials. πŸ˜† If you wanted to do, say, a quartz countertop, you can only have a seamless countertop as long as your depth never exceeds the size of the quartz slab!

And if you need an extra-long or unique shaped outdoor countertop (like our bar), any other material would have to have a seam. (Like where our L-shape connects.)

DIY outdoor countertops made of concrete with stucco wall and bar stools and pergola with thatch roof
Peep the roof of our bar? More details on how we created that HERE!

This is not a problem with concrete. Your outdoor countertop can be smooth and seamless as buttah!

What’s not to love about that?


Reason #3: Color choices!

It’s still incredible to me the amount of color choices you can get with concrete. You can either pre-mix your color in, or paint/stain it later! (We’ve done both!)

concrete countertop in outdoor bar with stucco wall and bar stools with arbor above painted black
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On our outdoor bar countertops, Matt actually tried something new! Since concrete can leave some gaps/tiny openings, he waited until our new concrete countertops were dry and then he put a grout over them to fill everything. So if you look closely you can see the depth of color/texture as well, which I like! And I didn’t plan it that way. Just one of those things in a project that turns out better than you planned. πŸ™‚

DIY concrete countertops in outdoor bar with stucco wall and bar stools and pergola with thatch roof
Planning a backyard reno? You need this!


Reason #4: Cost effective.

Our outdoor bar countertops cost $75. And that’s if we’re being generous! πŸ˜„ (Concrete, grout, + wood for the forms.)

(We also did concrete countertops in our outdoor kitchen if you want to check those out.)

I don’t even think you can get thick wood or butcher block countertops that inexpensively anymore!

But if you’re SERIOUS about saving money on your outdoor project, you need THIS!

closeup of outdoor countertops made of concrete with stucco wall
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Reason #5: Doesn’t stain easily!

I’ll leave it to your imagination to envision how red wine could have gotten splashed on our outdoor countertops (not to mention deep-staining blueberry and other berry smoothies the kids brought out here!), but there have been no stains left.

Honestly, I’ve never loved concrete in my life as much as I do today! (There’s a sentence I never imagined myself writing.)

DIY concrete countertops in outdoor bar with stucco wall and bar stools and pergola with thatch roof
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Reason #6: Durable.

Concrete is weather-resistant. Heat-resistant. Termite-resistant. You name it.

It doesn’t chip easily.

The durability is just another reason to love it.

concrete countertops in outdoor bar with stucco wall and bar stools
More details on our outdoor bar!


Reason #7: Easy to maintain.

Maybe someone somewhere does something to officially “maintain” their concrete countertops…

…but call us “unofficial.” We have done NOTHING to them, and they’ve been great for years! Now we have our “Sunset Bar” to enjoy at night with the sun setting over the mountains in the distance!

view from outdoor bar with concrete countertops next to pool with mountains in distance
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