Long Living Room Layout: 15+ Genius Design Ideas (With TV, Fireplace or Without)!

Looking for a genius solution for your long living room layout? I’m a professional layout designer sharing my long living room layout ideas (plus how to arrange furniture in a long living room)!

Need help finding the perfect solution to your weird-shaped, awkward, narrow and/or long living room design?

An awkward living room layout can be a huge pain—or a huge asset for you!

The difference? It comes down to

how you choose to work with what you have!

You’re in the right place! Let’s figure it out right now for you!💪🧠

A long living room layout decorated with neutral colors. Rectangular wooden coffee table with white sofas and a large fireplace.
Let’s look at floor plans for long living room layout solutions (like this one we designed with zones)!

If you’re here because you’re searching for long living room ideas, you’re in the perfect place! I’m not only a professional Layout-Loving Nerd (a.k.a. Design Architect)…

…but I’ve personally had to live with + solve the problem of our own weirdly-designed, rectangular long narrow living room layout!

We’ll look at the floor plans of a VARIETY of different long living room layouts (plus ideas for each)!

Narrow living room with fireplace. Decorated with a white sofa and wooden coffee table. Large art above the fireplace.
This is an extremely narrow living room but turned out as one of my favorites!


The #1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself!

I often help clients with challenging room layouts…and I may be a Certified Floor Plan Freak-of-Nature but I find the challenge SO FUN!

(They’re usually, like you, intelligent people who have tried to solve the problem but have hit a wall [no pun intended!]…and need a Layout Nerd Brain to come in and solve it for them.🤣)


I would tell you this a 10-12 times if we were sitting over coffee at your house right now, looking at the problem child room in question.

A rectangular long living room with TV and fireplace. Ceiling with wooden beams. Decorated with a white sofa and neutral colors
Avoid a mediocre long living room layout!

Today I’ll be helping you in a number of ways, including answering the questions I think you should be asking yourself in addition to the usual questions such as:

  • “How do you layout a long narrow living room?”
  • “Can and how do you section a long living room?”
  • “Where can I put a TV in my room?”
  • “How do you arrange a long rectangle living room?
  • “How do you style a long narrow living room?”
  • “What if it has a fireplace?”
  • How do you break up a long rectangular living room?
  • “How to decorate a long living room?”
  • “How can I make my long living room look good?”
  • Can you show me how to arrange furniture in a long living room?

Let’s do this! 😄💃


There Once Was a Sad Long Living Room…

Before we dive in, you’ll want to peek at my own long living room layout conundrum (drawings below) because

  1. It’s one of the most challenging layouts you’ll see (100% unique, never seen another exactly like it)
  2. You can pick up solutions + tips for your own long living room layout before I get to the other solutions for you below!

Originally, this 1980s home had a simple “formal” dining room off the kitchen. Pretty standard stuff, right?

Until the late 1990s, when the then-homeowner decided to tackle a massive expansion off this dining room to create


Floor plan of a rectangular long living room layout
After the addition, which created an extra-long living room space!

The house already had two living rooms—the “formal” living room near the front door, plus the living room with a fireplace off the kitchen. (Three if you count the master sitting area upstairs, which was basically a second living room with a fireplace.)

But no…”Let’s make a 4th living space!” they chanted!

(Not content to stop there, they also added a bar area off this rectangular long living room, adding another level of complexity to the layout.)

Why is this layout so awkward?


Looong Living Room: How the Prior Owners Set Theirs Up!

At first glance, you may be thinking, “That doesn’t look too bad!”

That’s what I thought too…at first.

(Granted, I was also taking in all the other rooms while considering whether to buy this house in the first place. You can take a tour of our home, room-by-room, here!)

When we toured the house before buying it, the prior owners (who were not the same people who had remodeled it) had the living room laid out like this:

Floor plan of a long living room idea complete with furniture.
How the prior owners set up their furniture in this long living room layout…but full of problems!

(In the above image, the the wall between kitchen and dining room was still up, and I talk about removing it here.)

A snapshot of how the prior owners’ long living room layout looked “from the ground”:

Long living room layout complete with two different zones. One with a couch and chair and the other zone with a dining table.
A “from the ground” shot of the prior owners’ attempts to make this long living room space work for them.

Still don’t think it’s a problem? Keep reading!

The below drawing shows you where the original walls of the house were for the simple dining room off the kitchen and formal living space (which is another slightly “too-long” space, but I’ll have to address THAT living room further below, as an example for what you might be facing too!).

Floorplan showing the original house and the addition that added the long living room layout
A floor plan showing the original house’s walls before the addition of the long living room, bar, and poorly-chosen bay window space!


The 3+ Problems With This Living Room Layout!

If you haven’t spotted them yet, there are 3 major issues with the old rectangular, long narrow living room layout!

Here’s a simplified flow graphic showing the floor plan with how the prior owners had to move between rooms, around furniture, in and out of walkways and doorways…

Just to give you a simplified idea of what I immediately see in my brain when I look at room layouts much like this:

Floorplan with flow graphic showing how people would walk around a narrow rectangular living room
This is what my brain sees when I help clients with their floor plans, especially when we’re doing a furniture layout plan!

long living room layout

Problem #1: Too Many Entry Points!

A well-laid-out room has an appropriate number of entry and exit points so traffic can flow well in and out of the room.

Even just one entry and exit point in a room layout can be better than too many! (It really depends on where your walls, windows, doors, etc. fall in your floor plan!)

In this situation, we’re looking at entry and exit points such as

  1. In and out of the kitchen (technically this is even two points because there are kitchen islands there, but I’m trying not to complicate this too much for you if you’re new and not familiar with our kitchen yet 😉)
  2. In and out of the formal living room
  3. In and out to the backyard
  4. In and out of the dry bar
  5. Access to the windows (this is important for me as I like to open windows for fresh air!)

Speaking of windows…


Problem #2: Poor Window Placement!

The large sliding-glass doors were in a standard position so I understand that, and there was another window placed at the end of the long narrow living room space, which I also understand to be a natural move…

HOWEVER, the empty bay-window-not-even-made-with-a-window-seat just was a strange, strange choice.

  • If it had been a regular window, that would have made layouts easier.
  • If it had been scooted to the middle of the new addition wall, that also would have made it easier.

However, it was built out as a bay window, with exterior walls and roof jutting out and everything.

In addition, originally there were two French doors opening from the formal living room into the formal dining space, flanked by matching windows.

A "before" photo of a narrow living room
Can I please just put a GIANT red “X” over this photo with the words “What NOT To Do In Your Living Room!”?!?! 😂🤣

Immediately upon moving in, I had The Brawn remove those two French doors, which helped open up the flow and avoid doors standing open constantly, people running into them, doors swinging or banging up against the wall unnecessarily, etc.

(I also had him remove that annoyingly narrow door into the kitchen, but those of you who have been here for awhile know what happened with our surprise kitchen emergency remodel!)

long living room layout

Problem #3: Narrow Living Room Dimensions!

Upon moving perfectly normal furniture into this long living room layout, I soon discovered the challenges the room dimensions were going to give us.

It felt like a grown-up version of Goldilocks and The 3 Bears: it was either too big or too small.

Especially at the far end, with the terribly-placed entry/exit points added with the dry bar (along with the fact that the grey space shown is a COUNTERTOP and not a wall—a wall would have been more helpful!), we needed it just a foot or two wider.

But no, I’m not going to spend $100,000+ doing a remodel of all this wall space to extend it a couple feet…

…let’s do it for FREE, people! 😍🧠💪

long living room IDEAS

Bonus Problem #4: WHAT Is the Purpose of This Room?!

THE #1 issue I see with the prior owners’ layout (and many room layouts I see) is that

the room purpose has not been defined properly!

Rooms often serve many purposes, so they also must be prioritized…

I walk you through exactly how to do this, through a process I created and have made easy for users, and it’s one of the first steps you need to do in order to have a room that truly serves you well and makes your life better! (Start here for that.)

Long living room ideas. Neurtral narrow living room decorated white fireplace and white couch.
Read our post on The 7 Strategies for Choosing Your Interior Colors!

What do I mean by the purpose of a room?

I’ll discuss further on once we get into the specific layouts, but not only does our original long rectangular living room not have a focal point (is it the couch? the window the couch is pointed at? etc), but it’s unclear what the room is for.

For example, there’s no TV in the prior owners’ room because where would they put it in this layout? The owners have a stack of speakers in the bay window…is this room for listening to music? And this dining space was their ONLY dining room space…so it was a Dining Room-Slash-Living Room with giant speakers?

Let’s pretend it worked well for them. Great! But it was not going to work well for us, and we had Awkward Living Room Central on our hands, as you’ll see…


Welcome to The 3 Living Room Layout Trials!

You’ll notice there’s no fireplace in this long living room layout we’re looking at first…because the original architect placed it in this room on the other side of the kitchen.

Narrow and cozy living room with beige couch and white stone fireplace off of kitchen.

I’ll fast-forward you through years of trying out different layouts for our growing family, from using this as a dining room like the prior owners to making it just a living room all by itself (that’s when we tried having our dining room in the fireplace room.)

PS: If you’re looking for long living room layouts including a TV, we’ll get to that too! Because you may have a layout with

  1. No fireplace or TV.
  2. A fireplace but no TV.
  3. A TV but no fireplace.
  4. A fireplace and a TV.

Everyone has different situations, and there’s a solution for all! Cue jazz hands! —


Trial #1: Living Room + Dining Space

One way to deal with an awkward living room layout is to divide the space into zones. Below shows how we first tried dividing ours into both a living room and a dining room (with long table that could seat 8-10 people).

Floor plan showing a long living room layout with two zones. A living room and a dining room.
Long Living Room Layout Trial #1


Trial #2: Living Room + Chaise + Card/Game Table

Next, we tried a different “zoned” layout in our long living room.

Turning the entire room into a “long living room” only, you can see we removed our big dining table. (The small round table shown here was a card/game table we created with a beautiful round pedestal table we already had. We actually experimented with having our entire dining space in The Fireplace Room!)

Floor plan showing a long living room layout. This rectangular space has one long living room idea
Long Living Room Layout Trial #2

PS: I’ve now developed a way you can sort through these room layout trials and placement without actually having to move your furniture around! 🥰🧠💪 I also mention my favorite, free and easy layout programs for doing this! I show you exactly how here!

WHY didn’t we put the couch to the left, right, or against the window?

I’ll show you why we didn’t do it one of these other ways (and what you shouldn’t do in your long living room layout either)!


Trial #3: Open Living Room + Dining

Floor plan of a narrow, rectangular, living room with both a living room and dining room in the space.
I’ll share more reasons this long living room layout doesn’t work further down…

As a rule, I actually try not to ever place furniture items in front of a window. (Will have to write about that someday as well!)

However, sometimes it can work!

In our case, it couldn’t. Not only

  1. did I like being able to open this window for the awesome California breezes we’d get up on top of our hill, but
  2. the plantation shutters wouldn’t open with the couch in front of it!

Again, had I wanted to completely rip out and redo this entire wall and window so that I could place my old couch in front of it (or bought a new couch), that was an option…

…but it was an option we were in love with (especially since we came up with the best and final plan)!


What NOT To Do When Arranging Your Furniture!

Often, knowing What NOT To Do is just as important as knowing what To Do. The problem with a layout like this is

layout #1: too cut off!

Long living room ideas. Showing a floor plan of a narrow, rectangular room with a living room and dining room.
  1. This living room layout feels cut off from the rest of the room. (This may not be a concern for you, but upon trying this layout, it just didn’t feel good or connective when everyone was actually using it in real life.)
  2. Awkward bar counter space behind armchair: It doesn’t look too horrible on paper, but you need to remember that the bar is not a full wall—that’s a countertop that potentially could have bar stools at it if you wanted.
  3. Missing focal point: The couch is pointed at the window (we’ll discuss how to incorporate a TV in your layout below), so unless you’ve got an incredible and/or ocean view out that window, it doesn’t look or function the greatest.
  4. For families only: As a mom with two young children, I quickly saw that the probability of little hands exiting the table and immediately somehow touching the back of our couch was skyrocketed! (If you haven’t actually had children, I’m telling you…when they haven’t wiped their hands yet, the crumbs/sauces thereupon are somehow supernaturally magnetized to anything difficult/expensive to clean, such as non-removable upholstery. It’s a magical sight to behold!)

“But what if we move the seating up to in front of my window to open up the side walkways?” you ask. Let’s see!

layout #2: too CRAMMED

You can do your best to keep things as open as possible (as I’ve done in the below drawing to show you), however…

Floor plan of a long living room with both a living room and a dining room in the narrow, rectangular space.

…here, the layout is still just too crammed. Even removing any side tables from the one couch, space is tight trying to walk around the left of the couch to get into the living room itself…

…especially if you want to have bar stools at the bar!

(The right side was more open, but it turned out to be a walkway that didn’t feel natural to go around that way…you know those ones you have in your home? Every home has them. You can’t explain why, it might look good on paper like above, but it just doesn’t feel “right” in the space…LISTEN TO THAT FEELING! It’s telling you something is “off” in your layout.)

So what happens if we take out the lower couch in an attempt to “open up” the living room completely?


Floor plan with a long living room layout.

OK, so we’ve now opened this layout up so it’s not crammed or cut-off feeling, and there’s enough space for the surrounding walkways and bar stools, but…

…this layout feels incomplete.

It also has no real focal point. The couch and armchair are pointing us towards the bar, at best.

(This would be the same whether we have a couch and armchairs or a sectional…the principles are the same!)

Floor plan of a long living room layout with sectional and dining room space.


“What About OTHER Long Living Room Ideas?”

Before I show you the solution we found for our space, let’s look at some of our Client Spaces that were also Narrow Living Room Layout Conundrums (including a few where the client wanted a TV to be incorporated into the mix)!

Long living room ideas. Fireplace with TV. Decorated with two neutral couches facing each other and a wooden coffee table.
25 Pros & Cons of Dark vs Light Hardwood Floors: The Ultimate List!

Instead of a window like we had at the end of ours, this long living room (above) has a fireplace, which completely changes the options for the best living room layout. Here, the client wanted their TV above the fireplace so it can be viewed from the rest of the long, rectangular room. So to keep the seating area still open-feeling, we’ve used two sofas facing each other with no chairs straight-up facing the TV. That’s a great option!


Ask Yourself: “What Do I Want the Focus of My Space To Be On?”

What I love about the below room layout is that we have a chaise stretching out to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace AND it helps the focus of the room not be on the TV. (While I’m not usually a fan of a TV above the fireplace as a rule, sometimes people really want that, and so let’s work with it! Yes, it can be worked with!😊)

Narrow, rectangular living room. White fireplace with TV above it and built-ins on either side. Long, white sofa with chaise. Wooden rectangular coffee table and two accent chairs.
You can also completely hide your TV on a wall with these ideas I came up with for a client!


Long Living Room Ideas With Fireplaces + Without TVs!

Cozy, narrow living room in a rectangular space. Long, neutral sofa facing a fireplace with a wooden coffee table in-between.
Narrow living room layouts can be a challenge but also offer opportunity to play!

Sometimes a narrow living room is so narrow that it allows just enough space for seating + a coffee table. In these cases, paying attention to your flow, function, focal points and decor is imperative!

☝️ Above, instead of adding more seating to the back wall (which would be the standard assumption/unthinking-response for many), the client focus and function of this room helped us create the perfect layout with intimate seating enough for just 2-3 with a gorgeous focal point against the back wall that is not a TV! I love the unexpected extra-long wooden bench under the artwork (which to my eye looks like that whole back wall is a piece of artwork, really).

The above is also a perfect example to embracing a slow progression through not only your room layout but decorating. It’s ok to leave walls empty, whether it’s to keep the focal point elsewhere or because you haven’t found the perfect piece for that spot yet! Better to wait for the right solution you love rather than rushing to “decorate for decorating’s sake” and spend money on something you don’t really love.


This is your sign to embrace your fireplace itself as art! The below (very) narrow living room I designed for a client is similar to the above…

…yet with an important difference in the plaster fireplace. We gave it shape instead of just straight lines. (I like both! It all just depends on your priorities and then our design strategy that comes from those!) The clean, calm feel from not having a TV, artwork, or anything else above the fireplace is something I often gravitate towards.

Long living room layout with white sofa facing a plaster fireplace. Large rectangular window against the back wall.
Fireplaces can be art in a narrow living room layout (plus this is another example of what I mentioned earlier re: taking time to decorate…it’s 100% fine for this client to leave her vessel collection like this until she finds the right spots for them.


Sometimes, living rooms aren’t as long and narrow as the above—they have some decent width—but it’s the LENGTH of the room that presents a problem…

Long living room ideas. A large couch with large-scale art above it faces a fireplace with two ottomans in front of it. A leather chair is in front of a window.
BTW, I looove coffee tables that can be moved!

Above, extra seating can come in the form of ottomans and furniture that’s easy to move depending on whether you’re entertaining or just having a quiet night at home and want your fireplace clear.

Narrow, rectangular living room with couch facing a white fireplace. Large-scale art hangs above the couch with a rectangular coffee table in front of the couch and an accent chair to the side of the couch.
Using a large tree to decorate your long living room is superb…or if you don’t want a real tree, DO WHAT WE DID! (Trust us, you’ll adore it!)

These examples show one long living room focused on being a living room only, so let’s start looking at some spaces that mesh into others (or where you can create zones)…

DEcorating a long living room

Breaking the Room Into Zones

I talked about this earlier when looking at our own long rectangular living room layout, when we experimented with different zones like living + dining, or living + lounge + game table, etc.

But even breaking it up into 2 (or we’ve even done 3 in extra-long living room layouts!) separate seating zones is a wonderful option! It doesn’t have to be a completely-different-function zone…it can be a “large seating + small seating” zone breakup too.

The above gives an idea of what I mean, although I don’t love how the two armchairs are so separated. Maybe we should combine them on the left by the window, facing each other, with a cocktail table (leaving the right side as the traffic flow) or, depending on the chair dimensions, have a total of two more intimate seating areas of two each, one on the left and one on the right.

(When I show you further down what we ended up doing in our long narrow living room, you’ll see a good example of zones!)


When Your “Long” Living Room Is Open to Other Spaces…

Some home floor plans have super-long living room spaces that open into walkways, hallways, dining, kitchen spaces, etc. What do you do in these cases?

Long living room ideas for an open floor plan. A neutral sectional faces a chair with a wooden coffee table in between creating a cozy space.
Pull your furniture into the center of the long living room to leave walkways BEHIND the furniture, and not through the middle of your furniture.

It really depends on your specific room and furniture dimensions, but pulling furniture away from the walls (and walkways) can be a great tactic to use! (I mean, look how cozy we got the above living room! And that back console wall setup as a non-TV decorating alternative is just…chef’s kiss, if I do say so😍)!

Decorating large rooms can end up feeling cohesive, clean, and simple (like the above) or full of personality and collections (like below).

Whatever you choose for your decor, keep it consistent throughout, such as the light shades + natural wood above or the carrying of the black and beige colors in the artwork below to the rest of the room. Repetition is your friend in decorating! (But try to keep it to 3 or less colors so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.)

Long living room layout with two zones. One zone has a long rectangular sofa with a wooden coffee table facing a beautiful black fireplace with a large-scale piece of art above it. Another zone has a table and chairs in front of large windows.
You need to read 7 Smart Strategies for Choosing Interior Colors!


Mix Seating + Traffic Flow!

Two neutral sofas and two accent chairs surround a square, wooden coffee table  in this long living room layout. A large piece of art hangs above one of the sofas.
Use a mix of sofas and armchairs as an alternative to sectionals…even revamp your old furniture!

Another method for decorating a long living room is to remember to use a mix of sofas and armchairs as an alternative to sectionals (this gives you more walkway or side table options!)…

…and don’t be afraid to block off “open” areas, like in the above photo, if that’s NOT where you want a traffic flow coming in from!


If You Have Tight Walkways…

In this rectangular long narrow living room layout, the doors already define where the walkways have to be, so the less-imposing chairs help that entry feel more open while providing more seating.

Long narrow living room layout  with TV. A wooden, rectangular coffee table sits in the middle of the room with two accent chairs on one side of it and a couch on the other side facing the TV.


Use Chairs In Front of Walkways…

…or windows and doors, especially like the below sliding doors!

PS: Notice the giant tree again? 😉

Long living room idea with a long couch facing two accent chairs with windows and behind the chairs. A fireplace with TV and built-ins is along one wall.
See how we make a fake interior tree!

If you’re not a fan of seeing your TV in your living room, consider hiding it on the wall OR doing what we did! 😄👇

modern white TV lift cabinet
You can grab our plans to use or even modify this to your tastes!


What Other Ideas Can I Use?

Giving you 100% of my long living room layout ideas would be a super-long post, so I’ll get into this even more in my next post on awkward living room layout ideas, which includes extra-long living rooms as well! 😍


How Did We Finally Solve Our Long Living Room Layout Issue?

So what did we end up doing?

After much trial-and-error but also thanks to our hidden TV solution, we were able to nail down the perfect layout (and it was so functional for us that I didn’t ever have to change it, which is really saying something!😂).

floorplan of a long living room layout

We divided the room into two zones: one living room and one dining room (which I wrote about our dining table size decision HERE).

That darn bay window was a stinker, and typically on paper I would never put a couch with its back to a bay window like that. but I finally made it work by embracing it for a big leafy plant (kind of like a greenhouse, as many indoor plants love the kind of sunlight it gets there). That way we also could have our TV in the only space it truly worked in (the analysis of which I could write an entire other post on)!

Narrow living room with TV decorated with neutral colors and plants.
Can you tell which is new vs old furniture? The answer may surprise you!

Plus (according to one of my room strategies) as this was a kid-friendly room…

…AND I wanted to use old furniture we had (can you tell which is old vs new? 😉 )…we had dimensional constraints to work with, which is all part of the fun!💃🤗

Round dining table with four canvas chairs around it in part of our long living room layout
WHY did we go with this dining setup and size? See our dining posts here and here!


See our second living room with the fireplace! (+ the coolest DIY interior tree and ottoman coffee table)!

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Long living room layout ideas
Narrow, rectangular, living room ideas. Do's and don'ts

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