Sleep Better At Night: 3 Instant Ways To “Design” It Tonight!

I’m not just into living well in my home during the day; I’m also into how to sleep better at night!

As I get older and fix more and more of my past health issues, I’ve grown to love reading about easy ways to help my quality of life. Some list things like vitamins or supplements to take, exercises or meditations you can do, but…

…getting a good night’s sleep is on EVERY SINGLE LIST! πŸ™‚

Large master bedroom with upholstered bed and upholstered and wooden bench at the foot of the bed. Two wooden nightstands on each side of the bed with matching bedside lamps. Neutral bedroom decor and black windows.
If you have room for a sitting area in your bedroom, we share what we did here!

So it’s super important–and it’s not at all the quantity (I discovered I could make myself go to bed early and sleep 9-10 hours but still feel tired if the quality was poor!), it’s about

the right quantity + the quality!

There are so many lists out there answering questions like

  • “How to sleep better at night?”
  • “Is sleep better than exercise?”
  • “How can I sleep better at night naturally?”

But those lists are overwhelming (which disrupts your sleep!) so I’m simplifying the easiest, fastest three you could actually do in your bedroom TODAY for TONIGHT’s sleep!


#3: Wash your sheets!

A study showed that 73% of us sleep better on clean sheets. So go wash those tonight!

(I share about the laundry stuff I use to ensure my sheets are extra-helpful to my body’s sleep, with no barriers to my breathing and health!)

Upholstered bed with neutral white bedding and wooden nightstands on either side of the bed a vase with greenery sits on top of one of the nightstands. A wooden bench sits at the foot of the bed.
How to Make a Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel!


#2: Get this plant!

This NASA study gives a comprehensive list of which plants clean your air naturally from different chemicals such as formaldehyde (often being off-gassed from furniture!) and benzene (commonly found in everything from paint and varnishes to detergents and floor finishes!).

Instead of breathing all that junk in during the night, give your lungs and body a much-needed respite by buying these inexpensive-yet-powerful plants to have on your bedside table or in that empty corner of your bedroom.

A white painted bedroom with a wooden bed in the center of the room and a large painting above the bed. Wooden nightstands on either side of the bed and pendant lights hanging from the wall. A large plant sits in the corner of the room.
Your decor DOES matter to your sleep! Should you put something over your bed?

Some of the 12 best and most common ones you could go right out today and buy from your local hardware store or nursery are:

  1. Snake plant
  2. Bamboo palm
  3. Aloe vera (I love having these on hand anyway for health reasons and sunburn relief! You basically have your own free organic aloe plus healthy ones have “babies” easily that you can propagate for more, give as gifts, etc!)
  4. Gerbera daisy
  5. Money plant
  6. Peace lily
  7. Chinese evergreen
  8. Spider plant
  9. Dracaena or dragon tree
  10. Banana plant
  11. Elephant ear philodendron
  12. Rubber plant


#1: Get your room temp to 65!

Get your room temperature down to an average of 65F (18C).

  • Helps you feel sleepy. (Higher temps make you more alert!)
  • Experts agree that this is the ideal temperature for sleeping. (Although you can still choose a range between 60 to 71.6 depending on your preferences.)
  • This helps you maintain a lower core temperature while you sleep.
A beautiful large bedroom with black windows and doors. A large plant sits in one corner of the bedroom. A neutral bed and room with neutral decor.
Find the perfect rug size for under your bed!

Those are the three I’d recommend that you can do immediately. There are others I’ve mentioned such as physical activity, meditation, etc. but those are habits that take longer to create. As a designer, I have additional things I’d do with the design of your bedroom space that also help your mental and emotional state.

And while you should certainly try to create those habits and work on your bedroom design, it’s easier to start NOW with just these three super-dee-duper easy things you can actually accomplish TODAY! πŸ™‚ Baby steps! Just these 3!

I haven’t shared my past health issues on the blog yet…

A serene white bedroom with neutral bedding and decor. Wooden bed with wooden nightstand.
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…but I will say I literally changed my quality of life by simply shifting the things in my home to be more natural, and you can read about my natural cleaning solutions here.

(I also have a post on how we completely avoid any mold forming in one place it really matters.)



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