Design Consultations

Imagine having a professional Designer + Builder on your team, advising you and helping you save $30-60k on the average project! (Really. Client survey shows $30k-60k average saved when people consult with us!)

You should NEVER have the company doing your interior or exterior work being the one doing your designs!  We have zero interest in upselling you to things you don’t need; we’re 100% in your corner, looking out for your best interests.

While we’re currently booked for all major projects through 2024, we’re offering a small number of consulting meetings throughout the month where we can still advise you on your major projects!

Join 1,000s of happy clients and stop wasting your time + money spinning your wheels trying to solve problems yourself!  Scroll down if you’d like further details, or book your consult today and get all the project help you need!👇

*NOTE: These live consultation sessions with Matt and Jess are currently booked through Oct 20. The sooner you submit your booking request before then, the closest to first in line you will be! 🙂  We’re looking forward to helping you make wise decisions, save thousands of dollars, and make the process as easy as possible for you!


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You’ve found us! To Matt and me (Jess), every client we agree to take on is a precious responsibility.  Our expertise and experience is incredibly valuable; we enjoy sharing our insights for your benefit, looking for ways to save your time + money while helping organize + focus your project!

If you’re feeling uncertain that what you’re being told and quoted is accurate, that’s a double sign to bring us in so you can be completely confident moving forward!  From the blank-canvas strategy to layout, design and finishes, we literally do it all (and help you guide it all😄🧠💪)!


You’ll get 100% of our attention and share with us the problems you’re facing, the roadblocks you’re coming up against, and the areas where you need ideas. We’ll tour your home or see your room, brainstorm together, go through creative options, and more.  By the end, you’ll have a clear list of design ideas and solutions for your own unique space!

First, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire, provide photos, and all other info we ask for. 

Next, Jessica and Matt will spend time reviewing all your documents, photos, and answers in preparation for our consult with you.

Third, during a phone or video consult (usually 1-1.5 hours max), we’ll sit down together with you and discuss what you need with your project, from

• your priorities for the space(s)…
• what you like about it & don’t like about it…
• what you’ve been thinking about changing and why…
• the roadblocks you’re coming up against…
• the problems you don’t know how to solve…

…to any and all questions you have related to your project!  We screen share and look through everything together!

We’ll help you make sure
• your top priorities are met
• you get the options for how to solve the problems you’re seeing
• how we’d solve the roadblocks you’re coming up against
• what you like is taken into consideration & preserved as much as possible
• what you don’t like is addressed with solutions

Finally, we’ll created a detailed summary of everything we talked about together and provide that final Design Outline to you within 1-2 business days after our consultation.  

See more on our Design Services page!  

  • Already made all your plans or already working with a designer/contractor?  You can book a consult with us to go through EVERYTHING you have and CONFIRM that all the major plans and minor details you have planned is 100% correct, no errors and not missing something no one’s caught! (This happens 90-95% of the time we’ve seen!)  More eyes reviewing your plans & designs = fewer errors you’ll have to pay thousands later to redo! (Or live with the regret.)

This is a consultation and does not involve exact quotes on construction work, full designs, drawings or architectural plans; however, we are still happy to give you our estimates on costs, etc! We are also more than happy to review any of the above you already have during your consultation–the time is yours!

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