The 12+ Simplest Plaster Fireplace Surround Ideas to Ease Your Eyes!

Looking for the best plaster fireplace surround ideas? Think of me as your own personal designer on this one—I’ve saved you time and compiled the 12 best ones in this post! (Plus other fireplace tips at the end!)

Today I’m sharing a peek at a new client project! (Namely, the best plaster fireplace ideas for your enjoyment. 🙂 )

Today let’s focus in on

simple, stunning fireplaces…

…from plaster to concrete, straight lines and curved, mantels and no mantels, there are SO many gorgeous options and directions we could go!


#12: Minimal Fireplace Plastered

Years ago, I saw this picture and breathed, “YES! This is what I want!” (Although what I think I want now has changed…see further down!)

There have been times I considered plastering over our stone fireplace to make this happen, but I’ve become emotionally attached to our white stone fireplace and can’t hide her now…😆

living room with minimal fireplace plastered in family room


PS: I used to be a wood-burning fireplace purist, but here are The 5 Reasons Why We Converted our wood-burning to a gas fireplace!


#11: Modern Built Ins Around Fireplace

As in these built-ins, sometimes I love leaving absolutely nothing above the mantel. Shelves can get so busy-feeling, even when they’re styled minimally like this, so it’s a nice, refreshing balance for your eyes.


#10: Minimal Fireplace with Subtle Angles

Ever-so-slight curves here. Very subtle and unique, don’t you think? 😉

modern fireplace plastered in living room
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#9: Minimal Spanish Flavor

We’re going with just a hint of minimal Spanish flavor with this client since it’s located in California and our client is in love with that aesthetic, so I was drawn to the slight arc in this one—plus it’s a good example of the clean, no-mantel look!

Update: I’ll share finished client fireplace designs at the end of the list so you can see what we’ve done!


#8: Arched Fireplace Surround (With Mantel!)

The home has several arches so I keep thinking about the potential of an arched-minimal fireplace…

Here’s one of my favorite arched plaster fireplaces we created, which is a little bit of a mix of the two above:

creamy plastered fireplace with arch and mantel
Why we ripped out our wood-burning fireplace and replaced it with a gas fireplace

(These three above show arched plaster fireplaces with mantels…arched without is next!)


#7: Arched Fireplace (Without Mantel!)

Honestly, there’s something so refreshing about a simple plaster fireplace without a mantel!

THIS is what I’m planning for our next house!

simple fireplace with stuccoed plaster surround and no mantel, with fire burning and wood floors
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If you’re looking for more info on our house projects, you can see all our California home projects!

Here’s a smaller, slightly narrower arch variation we created:

narrow plaster or stucco finish fireplace with herringbone tile
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#6: Minimal Fireplace with Wood Mantel + Shelves

On the other side of the spectrum from “no mantel” is drawing attention to the mantel. Although it’s not my favorite for this project, something like this is perfect when you need to bring in some warmth. This is a great example of what wood would look like on a minimal, modern fireplace with built-ins and open shelving to the sides.

What do you think, will these people put a TV over their fireplace? See my advice on TVs over the fireplace!

If you’re wanting to warm up your plaster fireplace, a wood mantel can be a great solution!


#5: Simple Modern Fireplace Mantel

Love the warmer tones in this one—not a bright white—plus I’m a sucker for any photo with a green plant! 😍

Here’s a fireplace we designed with a slight variation to the above that I love: rounded corners before the rectangular shape of the fireplace insert itself!

minimalist plaster fireplace with mantel and rounded corners, stucco finish
You can see all our fireplace and other designs on our house page!

modern FIREPLACE ideas

#4: Warm ‘n Cozy Minimal

This goes even warmer:

One of our cozier designs…before the client decided whether or not she wanted a TV above her fireplace or not…

modern plaster fireplace

#3: To Modern Fireplace TV Wall or Not?

Here’s going darker grey, and is set up to put a TV above it, but my personal opinion is that TVs just distract from the beauty of what could be such an elegant, minimal, almost sculpture-like fireplace focal point!

grey modern fireplace TV wall

plaster FIREPLACE mantel

#2: Stunning Minimalist

Can you say “texture”?! So subtle. And with the raised hearth…😍 But it’s missing a green plant!

Is it possible to have a crush on a fireplace? YES. YES IT IS.

modern FIREPLACE ideas

#1: Simple + Lived In!

Example of having more “stuff” around the fireplace, for a lived-in look. And they nailed the green plant. 😊


BONUS: Updated Client Design Ideas!

Playing with shapes and curves in the fireplace can be SO FUN! You can either play with curves in your fireplace design to give interest and movement like this…

…or like this (one of my personal favorites) where we gave a more elegant feel without adding a mantel (or too many curves going up towards the ceiling):

One of my personal favorites!

The focal point of a fireplace becomes even more important in an extra-long room like these…

See Living Room Layouts: Is Yours Long, Narrow or Awkward?

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Also, try to remember that contrary to popular culture, built-ins don’t always need to be symmetrical…

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…but it really depends on your room and life strategies!

If you’d love to pull together your home to look like one of these designs (but you’re having trouble making it look right on your own!), we can help you! Just start with a phone call and see how we can best help you get there!

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  1. benjamin

    Love your photos and would love to see more………..I can’t stand the advertisements, it was difficult to see the full photo with the disruption.

    1. Jess

      Thanks, can you send us a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Ads should never block photos…it would be helpful to us to see!☺️

  2. Matthew McCollum

    What type of contractor would you recommend using to be able to install something like this?

    1. Jess

      Hi Matthew! We recommend working with a contractor who has experienced subcontractors in this area—or hiring your own plaster fireplace expert that you can manage directly the way you want it!😄🙌

      – Matt and Jess

  3. Lana

    I love all the fireplaces you show here, especially photo #10 and #11. I am trying to do the same with the floor being LVP. I would like your help in avoiding quarter round at the base, any idea so that I can still have the 1/4 inch gap but not use quarter round to hide it?

  4. Carrie

    for the fireplace inserts that look like they are just surrounded by drywall how do you keep the drywall from cracking? we didn’t like our builders stone options & like the minimal look so they left it off and just put drywall, but after using it there are cracks going up the drywall near the corners of the insert I assume from heating/cooling expansion in the metal frame of the insert.

    1. Jess

      Hi Carrie! Yes, it’s likely the heating/cooling from your fireplace causing cracking in the surrounding drywall as the drywall is much more susceptible to temperature changes than stone or cement board. Drywall shouldn’t be installed directly up to a fireplace. Underneath the plaster should be a material that can handle the temperature changes such as stone, cement, etc.

      Matt and Jess

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