The Expert Room Design & Layout Guide!

Stop wasting your time and money on decor and furnishings without completing this essential 1st step for your space!

While we’re currently booked through 2024, we’ve created these Design Guides to help you get layout design help immediately! Available for a limited time only.

Original price was: $70.Current price is: $49.

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You NEED this guide before you kickstart your project…before taking ANY other steps forward!

If consulting with us directly is out of your current budget, our Expert Room Design & Layout Guide is tested & proven to start helping get you the results you need for a highly-functional, beautiful space!

We make all our clients go through this SIMPLE yet POWERFUL process and it’s imperative that they do!  Everything stems from this point onwards, and now we’re making it available to you for less than the thousands of dollars clients pay us!

  • How to determine your design priorities? 
  • How to determine how you use your space?
  • How to determine what you actually need to buy?


Empowering, thoughtful and smart, our full color +35-page Expert Room Design & Layout Guide is foolproof, clear and to the point!  It was designed to help you get the results you’ve admired in our home.

What you’ll be able to do with this Room Design & Layout Guide:

  1. Feel empowered to make room changes and decisions with confidence!
  2. Transform your spaces for maximum efficiency and flow!
  3. Unlock the potential in each space you have!
  4. Add functionality to rooms that need it!
  5. Find out which rooms to tackle in what order—and why!
  6. Think through what really matters to you in your space.
  7. Understand the function of every room you have!
  8. Learn how to test & finalize your layout!
  9. Know your priorities for each room clearly & definitively, once and for all!
  10. Get your perfect design + layout together for each room!

NEW: Includes guidance on creating your own DIY layouts in a variety of ways, including my favorite online tools and apps—and WHY!

BONUS: I share multiple client design layouts and how we worked through each one, the pros and cons, etc. so you can glean real life insights for your own spaces!

LIFETIME ACCESS! We’re constantly improving and expanding our guides, so this will continue to increase in size (and price) in future–but the moment you purchase it, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS!🤗💛 So whatever updates we make will be yours instantly, for FREE, forEVER!