The Only 7 Bed Frame Designs You (Actually) Need to Know About!

Looking for bed frame ideas? Wondering if you should have a wood vs upholstered bed frame? What about a headboard mounted to the wall or a curved design or flat? Should you go with a matching footboard or a canopy or four-poster or something more modern or traditional?! We’re here to simplify bed frame designs and bed headboards for you!

The bed world is MASSIVE. From waterbeds to canopy beds, from standard rectangles to circular beds, you can (almost) get anything and everything to use as your bed frame! 

And that, dear reader, is why deciding on a new bed frame can be SO OVERWHELMING!

That’s why I’m here: to simplify the mayhem for you, and I’ve done it into

the only 7 bed categories you need to focus on!

This not only helps your brain 1) simplify all the options but will also help you 2) make the right choice for you and 3) solve all your bed frame decision problems!

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Bed frame designs

 Bed Frames: What’s The Problem, Mon?

The problem is that many people choose the wrong bed frame for their room and lifestyle, thinking automatically “Just pick the one I like the ‘look’ of best!”

While I’m 100% supportive of everyone getting a bed they “like the look of,” it still needs to be a bed that works for you in more ways than one.

QUIZ: Can you answer all the below?

Off the top of my head, I’ll list 10 questions you should ask yourself before choosing a bed:

1. “Am I starting from scratch in this bedroom…or fitting it in with existing furniture?” (if you have the right rug under your bed, this will have a HUGE influence on what bed frame choices you should go with!)

2. “Do I actually KNOW what makes a good bed frame?”

3. “How many people are using this room?”

4. “How long do I know this bed will be used in this way, in this room, by this person(s)?”

5. “Are there ANY other functions that need to be happening in this room other than sleep?”

Wooden bedframe design in a light and airy bedroom with a large piece of art above the bed and two matching wooden nightstands on either side of the bed. A bench sets at the end of the bed.
Wondering what you should hang over your bed? I break it all down!

6. “How do I know if my bed frame is good quality?”

7. “How much should I really spend on a bed frame?”

8. “Do I know what height my mattress is already?”

9. “Speaking of height, do I know what my ideal total bed height should be?” (frame + mattress) and “Have I taken my height (and any partner’s height) into account for the ergonomics here?” (ok, I fit in two questions on that one 🙂 )

10. “What total size width and length dimensions can I have in here for both function and flow?”

BONUS QUESTION: “Do I need a footboard?!”

I could write an entire post on the pros and cons of footboards, and the 187 different types of footboards to consider…😀 So let’s add that to our long list of ideas of posts to create for those of you who enjoy our blog posts for free. 😉

So how’d you do on the quiz? Have you figured out everything you need for your bed (let alone your room design and layout)?

White bedroom with white fireplace and black windows. A wooden bed frame design with a large rug underneath and a chair in the corner of the room.
How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Under Your Bed!

Bed frame ideas

The Only 7 Bed Frame Types You Need To Consider!

But right now I’m focused on keeping it simple for you, and so (can you hear the drumroll?)…here are the ONLY 7 bed frame types you actually need to consider!

A wooden bed frame is in the middle of the room with two floating wooden nightstands on each side of the bed. A large piece of art and wall sconces hang on the wall behind the bed.
Have a guest coming to town? You need to check out our ultimate guide to guest bedrooms!
A leather upholstered bed frame design with white bedding and white walls. Two matching wooden nightstands are on each side of the bed with two matching table lamps on each nightstand.
Bedroom with a wooden bed frame idea and white bedding. Two matching wooden nightstands on each side of the bed and two woven poufs at the end of the bed with a rug underneath the bed. Two woven baskets hang above the bed.
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Bed Frame Designs

Type #7: No Headboard (Base Only)!

You can go uber-utilitarian and inexpensive with this (which we’ve done when we’re “between beds” as I liked to say in this post about our own bed…

1. This upholstered bed frame with metal legs is clean and stylish! (I like all their fabric and color choices too!)

A bedroom with white malls and beautiful trim molding with a low profile wooden bedframe design with no headboard. Two wall sconces hang on the walls with a woven overhead light above. Large windows on one wall and two wooden nightstands on each side of the bed. Large rug in front of the bed.
This is a great example (from our “What Rug Size for Under Bed” post of how a bedroom can still be cozy without needing a massive headboard to do so!

2. This Scandinavian Minimalist Birch frame is handmade and unique!

3. Love all 3 color options for this one! (And while this brand doesn’t pay me, I’m a big fan. 30+ years of satisfaction with their quality (and resale when I need it changed 🙂 ) !) This is called a platform bed by this store, and I’ll talk more about “platform beds” further below!

4. A simple and stylish bedframe. Sometimes less is more!

Minimalist wooden bed frame design in a room with white walls and a white rug below the bed.
I love that this bed comes in two colors and has a minimalist feel to it!

Bed Headboards

Type #6: Headboard Attached To Wall!

As opposed to buying one large bed frame and headboard all attached together (which I’ll get into next), you can pair one of these headboards with the above base frames to create your own perfect bed mix!  Just mount it to the wall and finito!

A bedroom with high ceilings and wooden ceiling beams with a bed headboard and white bedding on the bed. Two wooden nightstands on either side of the bed and a jute rug lays below the bed. One large wall of windows.
White vs color? Here are the 7 questions you need to ask yourself!

1. An affordable upholstered headboard is always a good idea for a room!

A bedroom with wooden beams, round light fixture and black paned windows with an upholstered bed frame design. White bedding on the bed with neutral colored pillows and wooden nightstands on each side of the bed. A white bench sits at the end of the bed and a large white rug lays under the bed.
If you don’t have the budget to hire us but still want our help, we’ve created The Expert Room Design Layout Guide for you!

2. This linen headboard is beautiful and a great price! I’m also loving all the color choices!

3. Already have a headboard but wanting a little something more? Try a headboard cushion! This one is beautiful and comes in different colors and patterns!

4. This “waves” headboard is like a sculptural work of art! I want this for our beach house (but it can go in a non-beach house too for sure! I can already see it as an architectural element in a bedroom balancing out all the generic beds you see out there).

5. A unique shape marks this currently-on-sale wood headboard!

6. OK I can’t resist another leather-like one because LOOK AT THE DRAMATIC FOCAL POINT THIS CREATES!  In the right room with the right ceiling height, this could be SO HOT RIGHT NOW! (and yes, I’m hearing Will Ferrel’s voice whispering that)

Large leather headboard that adds a dramatic accent to the room with a wooden bed frame design. White bedding with a black blanket on top of the bed. White walls and a black freestanding mirror on one wall. Neutral rug below the bed.
I love this dramatic headboard and the best part of it is it’s such a focal point on it’s own you don’t need to hang artwork above it!

8. I’ve been into all things leather lately, and THIS ONE is no exception!

Leather bed headboard that mounts to wall.

9. Speaking of leather, this one comes from Morocco so won’t look like all the other “standard” leather bed headboards!

Leather bed headboard design with white bedding and neutral pillows. Bedroom has white walls and two pieces of artwork above the bed in black frames.
Your decor DOES matter to your sleep! 3 Instant Ways To “Design” It Tonight!

10. I’m absolutely loving the below headboard that hangs from the wall but is mostly fabric with just a hint of leather, if that fits with your room design!

If you’re unable to find a total bed combo that suits you, the base + headboard is a fantastic option! (It can also be very cost-effective if you’re wanting to spend the bulk of your budget elsewhere!)

Wooden and upholstered headboard design with neutral and black bedding. A large woven basket sits in the corner.
See The Easiest 13 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel!
Wooden and upholstered headboard design with white bedding and neutral pillows. wooden nightstands on either side of the bed and a large square piece of art hangs above the bed. A neutral rug lays under the bed and a large round woven pouf sits at the foot of the bed.
Free Design Mini-guide / The Expert Room Design & Layout Guide

bed frame ideas

#5: Murphy Beds, Lofts, & Bunk Beds! 

I’m working on an entire post dedicated entirely to bunks and loft beds! Until then, now, check out our genius space-saving murphy bed…

…or our Ultimate Guide to Bedrooms!

bed frames with storage

#4: Storage Beds!

Don’t use any cheap IKEA cube hacks…choose one of these quality storage beds instead and your future (wiser) self will thank you.

Wooden bedframe with storage and white bedding. Two matching wooden nightstands on each side of the bed and one large piece of art hangs above the bed. A woven pouf sits at the foot of the bed with a neutral patterned rug underneath the bed.
Do you have a small guest bedroom in need of some help?

(Honestly, when you get a quality bed frame, it can last a lifetime!  Or you can resell for almost as much as you paid for it! Truly, it’s a no-brainer.)

1. A modern & beautiful bed that also has storage. SIGN ME UP!

Upholstered bed frame with storage that sits low to the ground with one large window behind the bed and a woven roman shade on the window. Two wooden nightstands on each side of the bed.
I love the thick base and how low to the ground this bed is!

2. Another beautiful bed with storage (a small house dream)!

3. A beautiful bed with DRAWERS! (You know I love that! Drawers are best!)

Side view of an upholstered bedframe with storage and neutral bedding. Wooden nightstand and jute rug below the bed. Large wooden window on one wall.
This is such a stunning bed and it has STORAGE! Win-win!

bed frames with headboard

#3: Woven Bed Frames!

White bedroom with a woven bed frame with headboard. Wooden mirror hangs above the headboard and two wooden nightstands are on each side of the bed. A jute rug sits under the bed.
See Guest Bedroom Ideas: The Ultimate Guide!

If your room is in need of some texture, stay away from wood or upholstered beds and go with something woven and textural!

1. Here’s a gorgeous cane bed frame!

2. Maybe it’s because we were recently in Bali, but I’m digging this!

3. A rattan woven bed frame. Love the matching footboard! 

4. A natural woven seagrass bed

5. A stunning woven and wooden bed

Wood and woven bedframe with headboard and white bedding
I’m loving the warmth and texture this bed will bring to any space!

6. This organic texture canopy bed would be a focal point in any room

7. A geometric woven bed

bed frame ideas

#2: Non-fabric / non-upholstered

I love a non-upholstered bed for how low-maintenance it is. No worries about stains or rogue coffee splashes (for those of you who like breakfast in bed 🙂 )…these non-fabric beds you can just wipe clean!

1. First… this modern and minimalist wooden bed frame:

2. A non-upholstered bed frame doesn’t have to mean just some flat pieces of wood joined together.  Consider the unique carved headboard on this beauty!

3. This bed is a work of art! The black…the restraint of the four posters…the brass details…GOOGLY HEART EYE EMOJI! 

4. It also comes in a smaller version!

5. I used to have an 18th century French daybed with this same detailing…so needless to say, this style is CLASSIC! (If it’s been around for hundreds of years, chances are it will continue to be for hundreds more.) 

6. If you have a tall ceiling or like the cozy feel of a canopy bed, go with this one (I’m super picky about canopy beds because so many of them are just not right! Either too ornate, or too simplistic…you can see how I have additional blog post ideas always flowing, for the rest of my life!) This one says mid-century and I get it, but this could go in SO MANY STYLES of bedrooms so I’d ignore that and buy it!

Wooden canopy bed frame idea with white bedding.
A beautiful wooden canopy bed and a great price. YES PLEASE!

7. Or this one mixes wood with an upholstered headboard OR THIS REJUVENATION ONE!

A upholstered and wooden bedframe design with two black metal wall sconces and two wooden nightstands on either side of the bed. A large piece of art hangs above the wall. An indoor tree sits in a large pot. White and neutral bedding on the bed and a neutral rug lays under the bed. Ceiling has wooden beams.
Mixing wood + upholstery…get our Interior Design Mini-guide for FREE!


8. Non-upholstered doesn’t have to mean “made of wood” – it can also be a cool black metal!  

9. CUTENESS ALERT!  This woven canopy bed would bring texture to your space and—I don’t mean to be dramatic but I truly think whoever sleeps in this bed would never forget how beautiful it is! So whether it’s a guest or YOU, what a treat! And half off right now?!?  INSANE FOR THIS STORE!  (Usually, their cute stuff is NEVER half off unless it’s for a reason (aka U-G-L-Y)  

10. Not just your standard canopy bed but a modern take on a canopy bed!

Modern black canopy bed frame design with white bedding
I love the juxtaposition of this modern canopy bed!

Bed frame ideas

#1: Upholstered

A gray upholstered bed frame idea in a white bedroom. Two matching wooden nightstands on either side of the bed. A leather and wooden bench sits at the foot of the bed and a neutral rug lays below the bed. The bedroom has a wooden grid ceiling and a woven light fixture.
I’ve also written about how to get the perfect rug under your bed! 🙂

Ah, the upholstered bed! It can be exactly what first comes to your mind (the standard classic)…

A large bedroom with a wood ceiling and a neutral upholstered bed frame design with neutral bedding. A neutral rug lays below the bed and a leather and wood bench sits at the foot of the bed.
Should you hang something above your bed or leave it empty? Decide here!

….OR it can be an upholstered standout, interesting focal point that just makes your heart sing! (Or creates some personality and design finesse in your bedroom space if everything else is more “standard-classic”…)

An upholstered bed frame design sits in from of a woven focal wall and two black wall sconces hang on either side of the bed frame. Neutral bedding on the bed with two small upholstered benches at the foot of the bed. Large neutral rug lays below the bed.
One of my favorite cozy, luxe designs done for a client.

1. Honestly, THIS might be my next bed!  I love this one because it’s

1) soft,

2) has some visual interest thanks to the channels, and

3) has the little bit of wrap-around near the head that helps me sleep so well!  I also love the name and that it comes in a variety of sizes and fabric types. (Where’s my drool emoji 😉 ) 

A white upholstered bedframe design with blue bedding and a large piece of artwork hangs above the bed.
This bed = cozy and classic!

2. Or did I speak too soon? I recently discovered THIS BED and the curves are SO WELCOME in an interior design world full of squares and rectangles (your bedroom too)!

3. If you like the wrap-around feel of the one I liked above, but you want it even more curved and less rectangular, go with this one! It’s gorgeous! 

A white upholstered bed frame design with wooden legs and a jute rug below the bed.
The legs, the curves, the color options! Chef’s kiss, baby. Chef’s kiss.
A large white bedroom with a dark upholstered bed frame design and a brass circle mirror hangs above the bed. Neutral bedding on the bed and two large round stools sit at the foot of the bed. Wooden beams on the ceiling of the bedroom. A neutral striped rug lays below the bed.
Should you go with a curved or flat headboard? What’s your home strategy?

4. I’ve often recommended leather bed frames for people who want the cushiness of fabric but don’t want to clean anything. And this one I am nearly drooling over at the moment (thankfully it hasn’t come to the point where I literally drool over furniture).  Maybe it’s all the international travel lately, but the upscale-yet-safari-esque vibes I’m getting from this feel so good

A wooden and leather bed frame idea with white bedding.
Sometimes bedrooms can be SO BORING…but not with Wood + Leather. So unique!

5. Can’t Recommend This Enough as a Design Hack: I recommend an arched headboard if you’re tired of the same old-same old squared beds (which, let’s face it, is a very real thing for the stylish and discerning individual).  Depending on what else you have going on visually behind and beside it, the curve can be absolutely stunning against a wall! 

6. Or “reverse the curve” with THIS style: Would look awesome with some cool abstract artwork or a circular/oval mirror above done right!

7. Canopy Upholstered: another canopy that isn’t your everyday.

8. An upholstered bedframe with stunning metal legs.

9. Mix of wood + upholstery = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

10. Extra-cushy wide headboard: Great on extra-large walls and gives an extra-soft feel while you’re sleeping, talking, etc.  I like it.  (Here’s a less expensive version if you need it!)

An extra wide gray upholstered headboard bed frame idea with white bedding.
Such a cozy and unique bed. Sure to make a statement!

11. Just Say No to Boring Beds: Sometimes your space desperately needs something out-of-the-ordinary in a bedroom design and the fold-overs on this are MWAH (and without being overly “funky”)!

12. Mix of metal and upholstery: Camino Upholstered Platform Bed

13. Leather is just something I’m really not wanting people to forget about when it comes to their bed frames!

A cozy leather headboard and bedframe design with white bedding.
You can (almost) do no wrong when choosing leather!

bed frame designs

BONUS TYPE: Platform-style Beds!

A bedroom with large floor to ceiling windows and a wooden platform bed frame design with neutral bedding and white walls. White and brass wall sconces hang on either side of the bed and a neutral rug lays below the bed.
No matter your style, we help you combine aesthetics + function thoughtfully!

Now, technically these could go in section #7 with the standard bed bases but I just cannot relegate them so simply to that category. So many stores try to call their beds with headboards a “platform bed” and I get it…it’s on a platform…but to me as a designer, a true “platform bed” is more of a Japanese-style look. (This also could be because I spent years of my childhood living in Japan, so take my perspective with a grain of good Japanese sea salt. 😉 )

1. Japanese-style: Low Bed Frame

2. A low wooden platform bed: Kiral Bed

A low profile wooden platform bed frame idea and white bedding on the bed.
Such a stunning, minimalist bed frame

3. A modern wooden platform bed: Brix Platform Bed

A large, high ceiling bedroom with wooden beams on the ceiling and a wooden bed frame idea with neutral bedding and two wooden nightstands and black walls sconces on each side of the bed. A neutral striped rug lays below the bed.
If you’re looking for guest bedroom inspiration be sure to take a look here!

Here’s what many stores call “platform beds” so I’ll include 3 for you here:

1. Upholstered #1: Haven Platform Bed

Upholstered platform bed frame design with wooden legs and white bedding.
I love the wooden legs and upholstery options of this one!

2. Leather Bed platform: Colby Leather Platform Bed 

Leather and wood bed frame design with white bedding.

3. Upholstered #2: Tachani Upholstered Platform Bed 

Side view of an upholstered platform bed frame design with neutral bedding. Artwork hands above the bed and there are a lot of woven elements to the room.
Grab our free guest bedroom checklist here!

***You can also DIY your own upholstered platform bed (like we did for a steal…then when we moved, we sold it for $500! Cha ching! 🙂 )!

Neutral upholstered bedframe design with white bedding and woven pendants hanging on each side of the bed.
Read it here!


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