Buy Us a Hot Drink!

So you’ve enjoyed our design advice, help & ideas for FREE (and you haven’t bought a Design Guide from us to kickstart freeing up your life)…

…but you’re a supercool person who wants to express gratitude and say “Thank you!” for the tens of thousands of hours we spent creating this website so you could get high-quality, professional design help 100% unpaid!😆

So what can you do?

Honestly, Matt and I (Jess) don’t take enough breaks from work…and marriage is important…so our best idea on the MOST HELPFUL thing you can do is encourage us to take a break together!😄

This not only refreshes us so we can come up with more creative ideas no one’s thought of yet (or have energy to get the 837 new post ideas Jess wants to keep sharing with you for free)…

…but it warms our hearts to know there are people out there who appreciate our work and don’t take it being “free” to them for granted!

Jess likes coffee.  Matt likes tea.  You can choose just one of us to favor with your gratitude…or both of us!  Go team!

PS: If you don’t like this idea or you’re someone who “wants something for my money!”🤣, check out our Plans & Design Guides page to see what suits you—this is a great way to help yourself while thanking someone else!  (I recommend THIS as the #1 step for ALL adults!🤗)

Those of you who encourage us in this way, we say “Cheers to you!”💛

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