Our Master Bathroom Remodel: The Complete List

Looking for bathroom inspiration, organization & storage hacks, money-saving tips & DIYs, or any other details on our bathroom remodel? Youโ€™re in the right place!

Our bathroom remodel turned out looking luxe! (I was almost tempted to entitle this “Luxe for Less” but used my self-control!๐Ÿ˜†)

Below, we’re sharing our master bathroom layout, costs, designs, DIYs, master bathroom remodel Before and Afters, plus tips and other bathroom remodel ideas!

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#1: Why we ripped out our small shower (along with floor plans showing our bathroom Before & After).

#2: How we got our high-end floor tile for (almost) free!

#3: Cozying up our walls with wainscoting.

#4: How changing our tub made our bathroom bigger!

#5: Grout free at last! (Fashioning our solid surface shower.)

#6: What we used for our non-slip shower floor tile.

#7: The 5 strategic steps to DIYing our wood vanity!

#8: The 11 must-have elements to our double sink vanity!

#9: Slab shower walls: the genius hack no one tells you about.

#10: Porcelain shower shelf: Is corner or inset smartest?

#11: The 7 Must-haves for your shower!

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