The Complete List of Closet Design, Layouts & Must-haves!

From messy & small to spacious & organized!

Our closet was small and narrow, yet we turned it into a Closet Paradise!

(You an also see the awesome design we did in our 2 other bedrooms!)


We walk you through each step of the way in a series of posts about our bedroom closets!๐Ÿ‘‡

***PS: For a limited time, you can grab our closet plans HERE!๐Ÿ‘ˆ***

#1. “Finding Extra Closet Space” (Our original post about our closet floor plan–and how we expanded it for free!)

#2. “How to Nail Yourย Closet Layout the First Time!”ย (and for all time!)

#3. “3 Steps to Avoid Mistakes In Your Closet Design!”

#4. “11 Must-haves for Your Master Closet!”

#5. “Small Walk-in Closet?ย 3 Strategies to Maximize What You Have!

Come see how our closets turned out, and glean free expert design tips for your layout, closet organization, and more!

PS: You an also see what we did in our daughter’s rooms to convert their closets!

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