Closet Corners Conundrum: 5 Key Mistakes to AVOID (At All Costs)!

Closet corner mistakes are a real thing! We’re telling you what you should know in order to avoid these design mistakes as you plan your closet!

I wrote in-depth about The 7 Closet Corner Solutions you do need, but as I started to include what NOT to do in that article about what TO do…

…I realized it warranted it’s very own post, dedicated to the art of What Not To Do With Your Closet Corners! πŸ˜‰

So without further ado, I give you The 5 Key Mistakes! Read on!


Mistake #5: Corner Shelf Units!

source: Amazon

Here’s a typical “closet corner shelving unit” you can buy, but I’d stay away from this.


Look at all that wasted space between the folded clothes! It’s an awkward space to access.

Even with how tidy & clean this closet looks, that back space is empty! So STILL a useless corner, which we’re trying to avoid!

What if you already have this type of shelf and don’t want to change it? My suggestion would be:

  • Get storage boxes that fit the space (or customize your own for a PERFECT fit like a glove! cardboard covered in pretty or chic paper…easy!) with lids, and use it for items you don’t use or need to access frequently.
  • If you don’t like the idea of storage boxes (I like them because they keep the dust out), you can simply designate this space for your least-used items.

Either way, it’ll just be annoying to access this space, but not the end of the world if you truly can’t do any of my other suggestions I’ll share below!


Mistake #4: “Dead” Corner Shelves & Cubbies!

The below photo made it on my “Bad Pinterest Ideas” list πŸ™‚ (I’ve mentioned that list in this post as well).

What I instantly dislike about it is how you’re going to have to shift ALL your clothes on those hangers to the right to access what’s in the cubbies (or, worse yet, remove most of them and have to store somewhere else then re-hang later).

If I imagine myself living in a super small space with little storage (which I have done/am currently doing), I can see how this kind of cubby/shelf setup is a temptation.

However, it’s a temptation I would personally stay away from.

What would I do instead?

What I’d recommend is:

#1: You first need to know WHAT you’re storing in that space. Don’t just say “I need more storage” and start creating it without 100% analyzing what it is you’re actually going to be storing in that space. You’ll end up with more storage technically, sure…but it might still be annoying storage because it doesn’t fit with what you actually needed! So measure, plan, and you’ll only have to do it once! πŸ˜‰

To learn how to build your own quality closet drawers & hanging spaces, click HERE!

#2: If I want to access that space often, I’d prefer to see the homeowner use that “dead” corner space for the hanging rods to go into, then shift the cubbies/shelves more to the center, facing out towards the room. That way you aren’t losing anything! You’ll still get the cubby space AND the hanging space.

If you’re one of those people who writes in to me saying, “But I have too many hanging clothes! I don’t want the hangers to go all that way back!” I have a few thoughts.

  1. I care about you (really! I’m a big ol’ lovah of people! πŸ™‚ ) and so I gotta say it: you probably have too many clothes. I know it’s hard. But I’ve learned that no one needs that many clothes (unless maybe your PAYING JOB is to wear a different outfit every single day of the year, but then again why would you need to hang onto all the old ones if you need something new every day? πŸ™‚ ) I have a small closet now, and it’s mostly empty with the hangers: why? Over the years, I’ve pushed myself through the pain of decluttering + growth in how I view my clothing, letting go, making better decisions, etc. (and I still struggle sometimes to declutter my closet and not hang on to XYZ, but I’m hanging onto less and that’s an improvement). Honestly, if it’s gotten out of hand, therapy can be such an awesome help. Just someone to talk to! I’d do it with you happily but I’m not officially licensed as a therapist. πŸ™‚
  2. If you truly have the teensiest closet in the world: Step #1) Send me a pic! (I love home visuals! It helps me understand you better!) then Step #2) Put your least-used and/or seasonal items towards the back into that awkward corner we’re looking at above.


Mistake #3: Lazy Susans

I’ve shared in detail why I dislike lazy Susans in kitchen and other room storage corners

…and I’m not much more jazzed about them in your closet, either!


Mistake #2: Rotating Racks

Another “clever-looking” product out on the market that usually ends up just being another space (and money) waster.

via Woodworker Design

Unless you truly have specific items that can fit well and properly in these corner spaces on the particular rack of your choosing, it’s better to skip this “idea.”

Mistake #1: Trying to Be Clever With a Shelf/Hanging Combo!

In their valiant attempts to solve the oh-so-common problem that closet corners give, some individuals try to do a combination of hanging rods and shelves to maximize the space.


And I get it. It seems like it’ll all be okay.


  1. You still have the corner shelf problem up above (if you missed that, you can reference the issues I listed with it up above in this post), and even below in one of the photo examples.
  2. One of them tried to put cabinets up high for the corners, which again is just a hidden shelf. A shelf with a door. So yes, this is still a corner shelf with the above problems.
  3. In both of these photo examples, the lower shelves weren’t finished off. Ah yes, my life was missing the extra challenge of not only having shelves (which aren’t my favorite) but that the items I keep on those shelves could slip ‘n slide off at any time. Keeping me on my toes, that’s what I like in a closet! πŸ™‚ haha

Game Time! πŸ™‚

Now let’s play a game called, “Jess Shows You A Closet Corner and You Decide Whether It’s a Hit or Miss!” πŸ™‚

source: Pinterest

These folks found a curved hanging rod and used it to eliminate their closet corners.

What do you think? Is this a smart solution? Would you do this?


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