The Complete Closet Design Guide + Build Plans!

Imagine having a beautiful, organized closet!

  • Imagine perfectly-sized drawers that help you find what you need within seconds!
  • Imagine your closet spaces ideally fitted to your clothes, your height, your reach!
  • Imagine having more functional, clean closet space than you ever dreamed possible!





This full color, 52-page printable guide (including full DIY build plans for you or your favorite cabinet guy!) will walk you through designing and building your own custom closet(s) just like we did in our primary walk-in closet and our secondary bedroom closets!

This package includes:

  • Closet Design Guide
  • Drawer Design
  • Hardware & Slides How To
  • Cabinet, Hanging Space and Shoe Shelf Design
  • Materials Lists (including our favorite wholesale supplier!)
  • Cut Lists
  • Tool Recommendation Lists
  • Installation


“What if I want to make any changes or adjustments?”

All our plans are 100% customizable for your unique space and needs/wants!


“Can I really do a built-in closet myself?”

We created these plans in a way so that even an ambitious beginner DIYer can build it!  The instructions are detailed & explained (along with 2D & 3D drawings & illustrations!) so that you can follow each step easily!πŸ˜„ And…you can e-mail us any questions! 


“What if I have any questions about it?”

YES!  Should you need additional help, we’re available for any questions you may have once you start your project!  Just reply to your order confirmation e-mail and we’re here for you!


“What if you design another closet in your next house that’s even better?!”

Did we mention that when you buy this TODAY, you’ll get LIFETIME access?!  That means any changes or improvements we make in future (including future closets we design and build!) will be included with your purchase! (Price will increase in future for others, but not for you!😎)