How To Get a Genuinely “Smart” Home TODAY!

How can you get smart function + flow in your space…TODAY?

You need strategies for tasks, time, layout, flow, placements, and more…all customized 100% to YOUR exact needs!

We share our home projects, client projects + 1000s of hacks, tips, and ideas for you here on—as well as our Plans & Design Guides section to help you get there TODAY!🤗

👉 While we’re booked through 2024, you can get our guides TODAY for room layout, kitchen organization, and more! 👈

If you’re looking for more info on something shown in our video clip, check out the below!

#1: Our Kitchen!

#2: Our Laundry Room!

#3: Our Living Areas!

#4: Our Bathroom!

➜ Our complete list of every single home project is viewable in Our California House section!

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