Laundry Cabinet (with Customizable Sizes!)

Imagine not having to spend hours figuring out how we built our Laundry Cabinet so well (and so adjustably)!

These plans include ALL the information you need to build your own raised washer & dryer cabinet just like ours (or customized for your exact needs/wants).

  • BONUS: This laundry cabinet can be built-in or freestanding! (Instructions for both included!)
  • EXCLUSIVE: This is our 100% unique design that has been tried-and-true for 1 decade + counting, with our washer & dryer completely stable with literally zero issues. It’s built thoughtfully, strong and solid!
  • SAVE YOUR TIME: These plans are EXACTLY what we used, so you can utilize them and avoid any mistakes (we made them for you!) plus the intelligent fitting-together we made in places from large to small!

Imagine having all the tips and shortcuts handed to you…this is it!πŸ€—

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These plans include all pull-out shelves, storage cabinets, sliding shelves, extra-deep drawers, storage shelves, + a bonus side closet (which we use for cleaning products & vacuums but can also be used for an ironing board, hanging clothes, & more)!

You’ll get a digital download of 42 pages of 11Γ—17 PDF plans & photos including:

  • 2D & 3D images
  • Piece sizing & diagrams
  • Highly detailed instructions
  • Materials Lists with links to sources
  • Cut Lists
  • Tool List with recommendations and links to sources



“Can I really do this myself?”

We specifically wrote these Laundry Cabinet Plans in a way so that even an ambitious beginner DIYer can build it!  The instructions are detailed & explained in a wayβ€”along with 2D & 3D drawings & illustrations!β€”so that you can follow each step easily!πŸ˜„ And, as always, we’re available for any questions you may have!

“Can I hire someone to do this?”

Yes, if you don’t want to DIY, you can give these plans to any cabinetmaker or woodworker (and it should help on cost because they don’t have to figure out the plans themselves)!

If your cabinetmaker or builder says they can “figure it out on (my) own”, you will NOT be getting the same cabinet we have (and without the same thoughtful small nuances).οΏΌ

“What if I move?”

You can make this a built in or a freestanding piece of furniture just like we did! So you can move it anywhere in your home or take it with you when you move (like we did!🀣).

“What are the dimensions and can I adjust them?”

The entire cabinet with both side units is 91” wide total: 16.5” for left drawer cabinet, 57.5” for center main cabinet, and 17” for right door cabinet. Main cabinet freestanding is 59” wide with the extra support. The cabinet is 73” tall and the plans allow you to personalize the height! You can also adjust the plans to include everything or remove a section, or adjust the widths–it’s all possible! We’ve had many users write back to us telling us how they included their own customizations (even some people who wanted to incorporate their cat boxes)!

“How long can I access the plans?”

We’ve recently added a “Lifetime Bonus Guarantee” to this so that everyone who buys our plans right now will have LIFETIME ACCESS!  That means as we expand our Laundry Room Plans & Design Guide offerings, you’ll get access to all future guides included for FREE!   We’ll send out an e-mail each time a new one becomes available to you and the thousands of people who have been buying these plans.  We’re here to help you save time and brain power! πŸ™‚


Spring Sale ending shortly!