Laundry Cabinet: Variations on Our Design!

We’ve created our Laundry Cabinet Plans so that they’re customizable not only to your height, but also to your specific space dimensions and more!

To give you some examples, we’re showing you two variations from people who downloaded our Laundry Cabinet Plans and customized them to work for what they needed, not just from paint color but to the configuration as well…

…so we wanted to show you to give you ideas of what’s possible!

PS: We’ve also gotten notes from several people who are modifying some of the laundry cabinet to hold their catboxes, with animal doors…very clever and we can’t wait to see those! 🙂

We love seeing you all use our plans and customize them to your needs!

Here you can see an example of our Laundry Cabinet painted a different color! How fun is that with the tile?!? And while they didn’t have enough space for the leftmost set of drawers, they were still able to modify the right set of cabinets to be what they wanted for their space!

We love that!

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Instead of baskets above like ours, they chose to use the upper space as storage for their supplies.

Can you build it? Yes you can!

And here’s one of our Instagram followers who shared pics of what they did using our plans! I like how they created the thicker edging as well to fit their style!

As more come in, we’ll choose our favorites to feature!

Get the plans for yourself HERE!

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