Laundry Cabinet Plans: Can You Make It? Yes, You Can! (Download)

We’ve told the story about how we ripped out our original laundry room and turned it into an uber-functional mudroom entryway!

We then found space for it on the other side of the original wall, and I shared my 7 wildest laundry room fantasies come to life in a relatively small spot! (By no means do we have an entire room dedicated to laundry–it’s basically just a laundry wall with every inch maximized!)

I then made a couple quick videos about it for our Pinterest page, and decided to throw them up on Instagram as well. They were hugely popular, with one of the videos even hitting over 40 million views!

With so many people asking how we created our hugely functional, space-saving setup, we created these DIY plans that you can download immediately!

➜Download the Laundry Cabinet Plans here!👈


“What if I don’t want to build them myself?”

No problem! Honestly, I (Jess) wouldn’t necessarily want to do it myself either, if I didn’t have Matt. 🙂 I’m a Designer at heart, not a Builder! (Although Matt assures me I could do it myself if I wanted to.) So if you’re not a DIYer and have no interest in becoming one, here’s what I’d do:

  • Download the plans.
  • Find a cabinetmaker or woodworker to build it for me. (If you don’t know someone off the top of your head, try asking around! Or, if that doesn’t bring anyone up, I love using local rating sites like Yelp to find reputable individuals. (Less expensive than hiring a huge company). Because they’re being rated, I feel like they’re kept more reliable.



“What if I have questions on your plans?”

When you get the plans delivered to your Inbox, you can simply respond to us and ask us anything!

(Well, anything related to your laundry room plans, that is. Please don’t ask us why the sky is blue, or where’s the best place for chow mein in Peoria.)

Hundreds of people have successfully downloaded our plans and barely any of them have had any questions! All we hear back is excitement and glee at the new laundry rooms they’re creating. 🙂 But if for some reason you run into anything you’re unsure about, you can get Matt & I directly via your order form–we’re here for ya!

➜ Get your Laundry Cabinet Plans today!👈

If you’ve missed them, here’s The Complete List of our laundry room posts!

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  1. Tiffanie

    Hey Jess,

    Could doors get attached to the main section to cover the washer/dryer?

    1. Jess

      Hi Tiffanie, yes absolutely! If you go into the “Plans & Design Guides” page we share some variations people have done using our plans! We have a lot more to add too but at least it gives some add’l ideas!☺️


  2. Carrie

    what do you do if you need to get behind the machines like clean the dryer vent or tighten any hose connections in case of leaks?

    1. Jess

      Hi Carrie, that’s a common question answered in our main laundry room post HERE!😄


  3. Maryann Stears

    I need to know the dimensions of the drawers under the washer and dryer. I would be using one to hide my cat litter box. it has a cover so I need to know if it would fit before I purchase the plans. thanks Maryann

    1. Jess

      Hi Maryann! We’ve had other clients do this with the plans as well for their cats!☺️ What are the dimensions of your cat litter box?

      – Jess

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