Kitchen Design Packages!

Imagine having your own personal, trusted professional interior designer & builder on your team!  (Not to mention making your dream kitchen reality feeling TOTALLY DOABLE!)

You want to feel confident and empowered that you know how to move through the process

  • Easily!
  • Efficiently!
  • Intelligently!


Whether you want 1) the ultimate timeless style advice from an interior designer (i.e. facelift your existing kitchen or full design), 2) to organize your kitchen to smooth & enjoyable perfection, or 3) to remodel or refresh your kitchen with confidence that you know what you’re doing, we’re here for you every step of the way!

We provide 3 different levels to choose from below!


Level #1: Design + Style
Level #2: Design + Organization
Level #3: Design, Organization + Remodel



#1: “How to Design a Timeless Kitchen (That’s NEVER Out of Style)!”

If you’re looking to give your existing kitchen a facelift, we’ve created the ultimate “kitchen design bible” for you to follow to success!


LEVEL #2: KITCHEN ORGANIZATION (videos + guides!)

7 VIDEOS + 10 DESIGN GUIDES: “The 1-Day Clever Kitchen Organization Video Course!”

This level includes all 7+ videos of the video course PLUS…

  1. The Pre-Pre-Checklist! How are you able to move through such an amazing transformation in less than 1 day? We show you how to prepare the smart way! ($49 value)
  2. The Ultimate Kitchen Space & Storage Handbook! One of my most unique and valuable methods is being shared with you here, plus the best manual-versus-online resource instruction! ($300 value)
  3. Drawer Organization Templates! No matter the size of your drawers, we show you how to maximize every inch, along with templates for difference sizes, setups, and examples! ($65 value)
  4. The Kitchen Placement Playbook! This small-but-mighty companion guide to the video is of my favorite steps and with ESSENTIAL facts you can’t dream of continuing the process without! ($89 value)
  5. The Kitchen Task Organization Workbook! This workbook includes a companion guide PLUS templates full of examples you can use to save you hours of time! ($129 value!)
  6. Genius Decluttering Guide! A printed companion guide to Jess’ video with experienced examples and stories, teaching you how to declutter with CONFIDENCE! ($150 value)
  7. The Organized Kitchen Inventory Lists & Templates! Detailed, pre-created and categorized kitchen inventory lists and templates save you time, along with bonus tips! ($49 value)
  8. The Complete Kitchen Checklist! When we saw the internet NEVER had a complete list for people to use for their kitchen organization, we created our own to save you hours of time!
    ($75 value)
  9. Decluttering Checklists! While a full-depth course on decluttering is in the works, we’re including a BONUS session focused on decluttering in this course too!
    ($45 value)
  10. Final Kitchen Organization Guide! Final tips, notes, and recommendations on kitchen storage you don’t have to spend a penny on! ($50 value)

+FREE BONUS: Ending Sunday, get “How to Design a Timeless Kitchen (That’s NEVER Out of Style)!” as a free bonus in this package!

For more info on the video course & materials, including client and customer testimonials, click here!



Everything in Level 1 & 2, PLUS…

#1: “Finding the Ideal Kitchen Layout!” 

#2: “The Genius Kitchen Priorities Planner!” 

#3: “The 1 (and Only) Kitchen Remodel Schedule You Should Follow!” 

#4: “The Complete Guide to Hiring & Working with Contractors (& Workmen)!”

#5: “Our 15+ Secrets to Saving Major Money On Your Kitchen Makeover or Remodel!”

#6: “The Ultimate Kitchen Checklist!” 

#7: Personalized Kitchen Remodel Worksheets 

Where else are you going to find an honest, professional Build-Design team who make zero money off the size of your project? (And who tell you the truth about everything from costs to timelines to what’s going off-trend and therefore you won’t have to pay to replace one day!)

All materials are viewable on your phone, tablet or computer as videos and/or PDFs! Videos & printable materials will be instantly available to you via your email order confirmation.


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 100% RISK-FREE! We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied that we offer a 30-day “Nothing To Lose” Money-back Guarantee!

LIFETIME ACCESS!  This package will continue to increase in size (and price) in future–but the moment you purchase it, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS!💛 (So whatever updates, improvement and supplemental materials and advice we provide there will be yours, for FREE, forEVER!)

E-MAIL SUPPORT!  If you have any questions on the materials or videos, simply respond to your e-mail order and we’ll answer you!  We’re here for you!🤗


Level #1: Design + Style
Level #2: Design + Organization
Level #3: Design, Organization + Remodel