5 Fun Things We’ve Hidden to Make Our House Look “Clean”!

I understand why people on the internet think I must be a cleaning maniac when they look at photos of our house.

  • It doesn’t look cluttered or dirty.
  • It looks simple and tidy!
  • A lot of things are white or light-colored.

So it must be clean, aye?

Here I would like to produce my best Villainous Mastermind Laugh slash Just-a-Giggle-Plain-and-Simple because

if you have ever really been inside my home and you look closely

you will notice I am not a clean freak.

What I am is

a big fat cheater! 🙂

In fact, in many ways I think being a Clean Freak is the opposite of Efficiency & Maximizing My Time (which I’m always going for), because

it takes too much time to have a perfectly clean house, people!

(In my world, anyway. If you love spending that time on your house, go for it! You do you! 🙂 )

I have a host of ways I’ve fooled everyone into thinking my house is clean, and while there are far more than these five, these are the five I’ll focus on today…and I’ll post more in future!


5 Cheater Mastermind Things I’ve Done to Give Our Home the APPEARANCE of Clean Tidiness!

It’s amazing. I can have not cleaned my floors for weeks, there’s junk all over our kitchen islands, unfolded laundry in a variety of places…

…and yet people will come in and make comments on how clean our house looks!

How has this phenomenon come to be?

Here are 5 things that I believe have contributed to it (click on the names to read and see in detail!):

#1: Hidden appliances. We use them every day, but that doesn’t mean they have to be “out” if we can help it! It’s amazing how much cleaner our kitchen looks when these “disappear”!

#2: Hidden hampers. I’ve scoured the internet and determined none of them are attractive, so away they go! Makes such a visual difference in our rooms!

#3: Hidden things we don’t use every day, like our guest bed!

#4: Hidden things that are just plain utilitarian, like our ironing board!

#5: Hidden things that are just plain unattractive, like our TV!

home interior living room with couch, chaise, armchair, wood rough edge coffee table, plants, hidden TV, seagrass rug, and tropical plants
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How can I get there too?”

  1. Buying your own hidden TV cabinet can cost $2,000-4000, but we can help you do it with $200 of materials with our DIY hidden TV cabinet plans HERE!
  2. We’ve linked to the full details of each one above (guest bed, ironing board, hampers and appliances), so you can see how we DIY’d things or purchased things to make it even easier on ourselves!
  3. Grab your favorite of our Plans & Design Guides HERE!

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See my “clean house” tricky trickster tricks in action in this video! 🙂

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