13+ Tree Swings For Kids Under $100: The Ultimate List of Outdoor Swing Ideas!

We’ve found over a dozen of the best tree swings for kids (as well as some tree swings for adults too!) and are sharing them all below!

It’s no secret that I (Jess) am still very much in touch with my childhood. I’ve done everything from wanting to create a Swiss Family Robinson-esque treehouse to convincing Matt to help install a zipline in our backyard. I love being outside—and providing as many opportunities for my kids to enjoy being outside as well!

And so it should come as no new surprise that one of my “guilty mom pleasures” is perusing the latest outdoor swings and other inventions man has come up with to give us that WHOOOOOSH feeling in our stomachs as we hurtle along a zipline or soar on a creatively-made swing.

Today I thought I’d share with you the new tree swings for kids I have my eye on (all under $100), as well as some we already have and can wholeheartedly recommend!


#1: Web Spinner Swing

web spinner tree swing

Web Spinner Tree Swing:

This web spinner swing is one of the top ones I currently have my eye on. I’ve heard some parents say their kids sit, spin, and lie on it reading for hours! (Yes, hours.)



#2: Skateboard Swing

boy on skateboard swing

Skateboard Swing:

If your child is super physical or just loves the feeling of flying, this skateboard swing would be a wise purchase. There are wood versions you can get as well (like this cool wooden one), but this plastic version is super affordable. You can attach it from a tree, under a deck or to your swing set, and let ’em ride!


#3: Hanging Lounge Swing

hanging tree swing lounge chair with girl reading

Hanging Lounge Swing:

Maybe it’s just because my oldest daughter is an avid reader (and by avid I mean she whips through long books so fast in a day it’ll make your head spin), but I’m so digging this hanging lounge swing! Even my non-reading daughter would enjoy sitting in this and doing her workbooks, homework, etc. Love love it!


#4: Oval Platform Swing

tree swing platform with handles and boy standing up on the swing

Oval Platform Swing:

I’m seriously considering this oval platform swing for several reasons, one of them being that it’s so multifunctional! It could be used like a surf/skateboard swing, it could be used like a platform swing, one kid could use it or more kids could use it…they could sit, stand, lay out…I like all of these factors!


#5: Sway Wood Swing

wooden curved tree swing with rope handles

Sway Wood Swing:

If you only have room for one swing on your tree or yard, this Sway Wood Swing is the one I’d get! It doubles as both a “regular” swing as well as a bit of a skateboard-style swing! (At least, that’s how I see my kids using it!)

outdoor & indoor swing for kIDS

#6: Pod Swing

hanging pod tree or arbor swing with boy reading

Swing Hammock Pod Chair:

KIDS PLAY HACK ALERT: So, we actually have had a swing like this for years…but we use it inside! It’s secured into a ceiling beam in our playroom, so that on bad-weather-days, the kids have a place to get all their swinging energy out…inside! But you can also use this outside, and I love that it can go both ways. Comes in a variety of colors.

(PS: There’s a second option I like here that looks big enough to hold two kids at once!)


#7: Hammock Chair Swing

rope hammock chair swing for tree

Rope Hammock Chair:

This might look like an ordinary hammock chair swing, but let me tell you—we have this one and it’s a TREASURE TROVE full of hidden opportunities for creativity for kids! I can’t even begin to tell you the things our kids have conceived of doing with this swing.😆 (Don’t worry—none dangerous, just highly creative!)


#8: Standing Swing

standing tree swing

Standing Swing:

Speaking of creative, if you know kids, then you know they loooooove to try standing up on swings! Some mothers are cool with this; some are not. If you’re looking to give kids a standing option that’s a bit more secure and stable, you’ll love this one!

wooden tree SWING

#9: Maple Disc Swing

wooden disc swing with rope attachment

Maple Disc Swing:

Kids always seem to be using swings in more way than just one, right? So with this wooden disc swing, I love that kids can both sit and stand on it and give them that variety! Similar to the skateboard swing but a bit smaller.


#10: Saucer Tree Swing + Climbing Rope!

saucer tree swing with girls climbing and swinging on the rope

Disc Swing + Climbing Rope:

There are a lot of standard disc swings out there, but what I love about this one is that it includes the small platforms going up the rope for kids to climb as well! Again, anything you can find with dual purposes in a swing is a big win for both you and the kids.


#11: Classic Wooden Swing

Classic Wooden Swing:

Of course, you could DIY your own glorious basic wooden swing like this one (and you know we’re all about DIY when you can!) but for the price, who needs to? Your time probably costs you more than this swing would!😆 (Plus, I couldn’t resist this photo…yes please, I want to swing here on the beach!)


#12: Classic Tire Swing

Classic Tire Swing:

Another swing we own!

Things are classic for a reason. We have this tire swing and our kids never tire of it! (I didn’t even see that pun coming—I was just writing the truth.🤣)

Is it the fact that kids can both sit or stand on it? Is it a hit because they can tuck their feet up into the rim? The fact that you can get large numbers of children on it at once? I don’t have all the tire swing answers, but I do know that my kids have played with ours for years and still have yet to tire of it!


#13: Hanging Tree Swing Pod

Hanging Tree Tent:

For all kids looking to re-enter earth’s atmosphere.😄 HOW COOL is this space capsule-looking swing?!? I can imagine hours of imaginary play by children in this one. Bonus: it can go indoors or out and has two different color options.


#14 & Beyond: Over $100

I found some more super cool options as well, but they start creeping over $100. I’ll share them next!

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