What Influences Your Design Style?

We all like something.

Even those who are the hardest to please, who claim they don’t care about design, still have preferences.

At the very least, we all know what we don’t like.

And when you don’t like something, that means you do like something else.

What we do like is either based on a part of our personality and who we are, or circumstances and memories we have of things that impacted us, or—which is likely the case for most of us—a combination of both!

That being said, today we’re going to look back at some of the things that influenced us when we were younger.

So, can you point to something in your childhood that influenced your design style?

I have a couple. One set of experiences influenced my love of a more elegant, sophisticated style. The other influenced my love of tropical plants and a casual style.

And when I say casual, I mean SO casual it’s like “living off the land” casual.

I’m talking about Swiss Family Robinson, people! (Those of you who’ve read our blog for awhile will already be aware of this.)

Yes, Swiss Family Robinson (the 1960 movie) was one of my favorites. Boo yah!

Pair that with the fact that I was born & lived my favorite childhood years on a tiny subtropical Asian island in the Pacific Ocean, and you may get a glimpse into SOME sort of explanation why I love my seagrass rugs & handwoven pendants & bamboo dining chairs, among other “island-y” flavors that make me wanna dance a cha cha.

(There is yet to be an explanation for how I can write such long sentences. That’s for another day of analysis.)

Back to SFR.

So basically, I want to live on a tropical island with my family, where we live off the land & spend our free time swinging on vines & sliding down tropical waterfalls. (No pirates attack us in this fantasy world. Although my 6-year-old daughter thinks making coconut bombs looks awesome. Aaaaaaand I would also like a pet tiger.)

monstera leaf on antique plant stand, asian carved plant stand
Want to know something else that influenced my home design style?

Tell me, can you also look back to something that inspired your home style? (However funny or crazy it might sound, I wanna know—cuz can much really beat SFR in hilarity? Man oh man, I’ve completely paved the way for you to share!)

And while you’re thinking, here’s one tip about personal style: stick to what brings you joy!

I tend to not necessarily go with trends. I genuinely love what I choose—for whatever reason—even if it’s unexplainable to another human being. Trends come and go, but SFR love is forever. (I really should get this embroidered onto a pillow for myself.)

Now that I’ve made you laugh with my answer, it’s your turn! I wanna know about YOU!?

PS: This may explain a little more why we now have the zipline in our backyard. Ziplines…the ONLY thing the SFR island may be missing!?

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