Expert Tip: Flexibility In Design.

Today, let’s talk about flexibility in design.

Given that this mudroom entryway is superduper small (click HERE to see what it was before!), we’ve packed a lot in for the space:

✅ Bench
✅ Hooks
✅ Shoe storage
✅ Cubbies
✅ A hidden trash can
✅ Shelving
✅ Storage for alllllll the things—from hiking gear to beach stuff!

(And that’s just on this side…there’s still a second wall in this room!)

Creating 100% built-in, permanent designs isn’t always best. The needs of any individual or family will shift and change as time passes. That’s why we’re big believers in staying flexible with your design where it makes sense!

For example:

1️⃣ One of the ways we kept this mudroom design flexible was with the shelves. We purposefully decided against any drawers here (even though you know I’m The Drawer Queen), instead opting for open shelving that can be used like drawers (with baskets, as we’re doing right now). These shelves are also adjustable.
– Originally, we’d adjusted all the heights of the shelves for different purposes. 
– Later, when we added the baskets, we easily adjusted them to all be uniform and symmetrical. 
– And if we decide we need to change anything else in future, we can!  Nothing is set in stone here!

2️⃣ Another way we kept the design flexible was with the shoe shelves themselves. They’re removable and adjustable.
That means
– In summer, when it’s all sandals and flip flops, we have shelves that extend all the way across and give more spots for storing shoes.
– In winter, with more boots & large footwear being used, we remove the horizontal shelf and voila! Instant boot & tall shoe space!

In our location & climate, it doesn’t make sense to ALWAYS have designated boot space or ALWAYS designated sandal space. We chose flexibility here in regards to shoe storage (especially as the kids’ feet grow and their shoes need to migrate over into “our” side of the mudroom!).

How about your climate—do you use the same size footwear year-round, or does it change seasonally?

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