Copenhagen, Denmark: 3 Leisurely Things Everyone Should Do!

There’s so much to do in Copenhagen, whether you want to be busy & pack it in…or leisurely enjoy the city at a relaxed pace like we did! 🙂

When I say we relaxed in Copenhagen, I mean it: we RE-LAAAAAXED in Copenhagen! 😄

Leaving Norway, we felt happy yet tired and just wanted to chill somewhere, well…chill. And Copenhagen, as it turns out, was a pretty near-perfect place to do that for us.

We had no list. No must-sees. We got an apartment and just wanted to chillax and catch the vibe of the city and see if we’d like to come back for longer next time.

Given that we not only enjoyed the city but feel like we now have kinda-sorta “friends” in Copenhagen (a.k.a. the couple who rented us our apartment were 1) our age, 2) had two girls about the same age as ours and 3) seemed like very cool people), I think our chances are good we’ll be back again.

For now, I’ll share our three favorite things we did in Copenhagen!

#3: Make a nice coffee and watch the morning bike commute “parade.”

We already knew how popular bike transport is in Copenhagen, so while we were staying on a main street, our first morning I made a delicious coffee and sat on the kitchen window seat.

It was fascinating to see all the different kinds of bikes, bikers, and bike/vehicle combinations that existed! Parents biking one child to school, parents biking two kids to school, people biking their pets somewhere, people carrying everything from boxes to lumber on their bike trailers in front of them…

Of course, this is only possible if you…

#2: Stay in a good Danish flat.

I could write a entire post just about the old-yet-modernized flat we stayed in, so for now I’ll just say it completely made our time there. We felt so at home and in the center of things at the same time. Normally I’m not a big city person (hence the reason I like Salzburg), but this area still felt small and cute with restaurants and shops.

We also enjoyed how family-friendly the building was, with a central courtyard with places for your bikes as well as grassy areas and playgrounds for the kids.

We could even go up onto the roof where there was a large hangout area and views over the city!

#1: Walk (or bike) everywhere!

We lost count of how many parks we walked through and how many restaurants we had to choose from…

…and to be honest, I’m a little shocked at how few photos I took during our days walking and meandering around, because we enjoyed so much and just got lost in it, I guess!

Nyhavn is a popular must-see spot.

We have a Danish friend (who lives in California now) who insisted we stop at Vaffelbageren for these:

More material for our “Playgrounds of the World” book…

..but eventually we just wanted to head “home” and chill in our lovely Danish apartment, drink hot beverages and relax. Maybe because we felt so in the middle of the city and had such great views to enjoy it, we felt like we didn’t need to go far and exhaust ourselves every day.

There’s a lot to do in Copenhagen if you’re wanting to pack it in, but there’s also a ton of great parks, coffee shops and cafes to hang out in if you’re ready to just chill. I can see it being a fun city whether warm or cold!

It’s a good thing we rested up, because the next leg of our trip was exploring the Baltic and the rest of Scandinavia!


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PS: Following these steps has enabled us to make our dreams a reality, create a home that worked FOR us (instead of the other way around)!

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