Vintage Pieces.

I turn 40 this week.

How do I feel about it?

Well, let’s first acknowledge that the culture around us seems to give 39.9-yr-olds the message that we should be flipping out in some way. (Or completely ignoring it and pretending we’re still 27. 🙂 )

Growing up, 40 was the age I’d hear talked about as “the big one.” You know, when mid-life crises hit & you were now going downhill. 40 wasn’t just old, it was OOOOOOOLD!

Last year during a routine appointment, a nurse was warning me about all the things that were going to start happening after my next birthday. As if on the very day I turn 40, my body would magically fall off a cliff and I’d need to start choosing my favorite cane. (She was very sweet and I got a huge kick out of that conversation, actually. 🙂 )

The thing is, I don’t doubt that things will change…

…in fact, I’m kinda counting on it! (Insert Carlton dance moves.)

Every decade of my life has involved big changes, & every single one has just gotten BETTER!

  • Teen years = Let’s not even talk about it.
  • My 20s = Better, but still enough immaturity to be painful in retrospect.
  • My 30s = Best decade by far! So much growth and wisdom I never had before…and I still want more!

So how do I feel?

I feel peaceful.

It feels RIGHT. This feels like the perfect timing to turn 40.

I feel like I’ve EARNED it, you know?  My wisest friends are already in the 40-something Club, & I’m ready to join it.

Sure, if I think about “what I’m losing” (which is the right to call myself a 30-something) it seems a little sad at first.  My 4th decade—my 30s—really was the best decade of my life so far!

When I asked myself why, I think it’s because of the experience & growth. I handle things better every year. My outlook is better every month, if not every week!

Every single day that I live another day on this earth, I get not only smarter but wiser. And I can’t get enough! I want more.

So to those of you sweet things who may be apprehensive about your next “big number” birthday, let me give you some hope.  I genuinely feel peaceful and excited for my 40s.  Yes, I’ve already experienced the physical effects of aging (having had two children in my 30s really kicked that one home, I think!).

I share this because many of us live in a culture where the appearance of youth is prized, and the appearance of age is something to “get fixed.”  But think about it in terms of home design & décor—how many times is the vintage, beat-up wood stool prized over the brand-new one from the big box store? 

We recognize the beauty in those aged things. Why stop there? Why doesn’t this apply this to ourselves, my friend?

I for one think it should. (Jazz hands!) Honestly, I just keep getting better—and I suspect you do too!😉

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