Revealing the New Section on the Blog (And 5 Reasons Why)!

You and us, we’re in a blog relationship together, right?

  • You’ve seen the inside of our house, our bedrooms, our bathrooms, our closets…
  • You’ve read my (Jess) innermost thoughts about things like drawers and grout and (not-so-secretly-anymore) wanting to live in a treehouse.
  • You’ve gotten a peek at some of our home life through the blog and Instagram stories (and the back of our children’s heads because we’re not into putting their faces on the internet, naturally).

But I feel like we’ve still been hiding something from you guys.

A big part of not just our lives but who we are!


“What is it?”

Matt and I have been married for 17 years now, and there’s an area of our lives most of you haven’t seen yet.

Here’s the admission:

We like to adventure.

We like to travel.

We like to experience.

A lot.


We’ve been to all seven continents together and we’ve lived abroad together. But even in our own country and our own local areas, Matt and I find fun things to do and experience together…

…so this is something we’re finally going to start sharing with you guys!

“But why?” someone might ask.

“Great question!” I’d respond. “The answer is because not only is it part of our lives, but it’s one of the main WHYs to why we want to streamline so many of our tasks at home! We don’t want to waste weekends or holidays having to stay home and work on xyz. We want life at home to run smooth like buttah SO THAT we have

more time


more energy

to adventure, do what we love, and connect face-to-face with each other!”


“Will this affect your home tips & project blogging?”

Let us be clear: this is NOT going to change the format of our blog or social media presence. This is just an addition to it–making it richer!

Adding more about our “WHY” to our home tips and projects just gives a fuller 360 view. Why it’s important to have these functional solutions at home. Why you want to save time and energy by making smart decisions in your home.

It’s not separate from it–for us, it’s a huge part of it! So not much is changing–it’s just getting richer!


“Why is it important? What’s so strategic about it?”

Why do we like to adventure? Why do we think it’s so important and strategic for life? Quite a lot of reasons, actually, a few of which I’ll list:

#1: Fresh perspective!

I do some of my best thinking when I’m away from the norm! Matt and I have some of our best “big picture” conversations about life and our goals when we’re away!

#2: Rejuvenation!

That fresh outlook is good for every person in our family. We’re rejuvenated by time away, whether it’s relaxed or active (usually a good balance of both)!

Private Waiheke Island stay.

#3: Connecting with each other!

Because we went through over nine years of having no children (not by our choice), we had over nine years to connect one-on-one as a couple! A huge gift for our marriage even though it felt hard at the time. And now that we’ve been gifted two amazing little people to take care of and guide, we love the opportunities to teach them how to explore, rejuvenate, get fresh perspective, and deal with being outside your comfort zone! Speaking of which…

#4: Learning!

So many things in travel & new experiences that get you outside your comfort zone! So many cultures to learn from! So many people to meet! So many ways to stretch yourself and grow! If you love to learn, you’ll love adventure!

#5: Fun!

Just good ol’ plain fun is helpful for the soul! Life is hard. Life can be very serious. Life can have so many elements of sadness, grief, and loss. And sometimes you just need to schedule time in life to make room for FUN! We all need that balance.

Start now!

We’re here to inspire your own adventures, whether local or far-away, with the same kind of humor you’re accustomed to reading from us! ๐Ÿ˜†

โžœ To check out our new Adventure page (which will soon turn into the “hub” for new posts), click HERE!

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