Sliiiiiiight Change of Plans…

Based on whether you just discovered us, or whether you’ve followed us for years, or whether you’ve known us in-person for decades, your level of shock will differ.

This has been a dream of ours for years, but we never saw how we could make it happen realistically.

Then one day, we realized we could almost make it happen.

All we had to do was be brave and pull the trigger.

So here we are…

I’ll cut right to the chase:

We’ve decided to travel the world as a family for 1.5 years…

(Maybe more, knowing Jess… 😉 )

…while still working! 🤗

So YES, this is a major decision and no, this isn’t one of those “quit our jobs to travel full time” things. We’re basically moving our “living” to other locales for awhile!

No fast travel business around here—we’ll be staying longer-term in our chosen spots. In comparison to the decade Matt and I spent traveling the world pre-kids, where we’d travel a country or continent for 2, 3, maybe even 4 weeks…

…(all of which was fun and there’s nothing wrong with traveling that way! We’re grateful for what a unique opportunity we’ve been given to do this!)…

…we’ll be

slow traveling…slow living.

Soaking it up like sponges. (Not that you can’t soak it up in less time, or to disparage “faster travel,” but we all know how sponges work, yes?)

We won’t be staying in one city for a few days, or one country for a few weeks. Instead, we’re choosing some special spots and staying for at least a month, if not 3 months or more in some cases!

(Can you see why I think we may be out here for more than 1.5 years?😂 But when you have younger kids, it’s always good to start conservatively.)

I’ll get into the details of the why, when, where, how, etc. in my next post, but I’ll share three bullet points for now:

  • Yes, we finished up our 1 year lease in our beach house! It went too fast for us!
  • Yes, all four of us feel sad to leave a place (and people!) we love so much, but when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself to you, you gotta GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN, MAN!
  • YES, it has been indescribably stressful to sell almost everything after having already downsized a year ago from this house, but we believe it’ll all be worth it!

And yes, our kids are doing really well! (I know, I know…I snuck in a 4th one!) Their ages are pretty near perfect for this…but I’m getting ahead of myself. 😉 More on that in our next post…


Was the “original” plan from 2021/2022 to buy a house at the beach, gut it and remodel it even better than we did our prior ones?

Sure, but…

…I am thankful for the [many] times in my life that my “brilliant” plans never quite happened in the order I planned them!

(Or at all.)

Already I’m getting better ideas (almost daily) than I even had last year!

I’ll get to a full explanation in our next “Big Daddy” post, because it’ll be a fun story to tell you guys about!

But for now, watch our blog for more posts, follow us on Instagram, or join our “Insiders” e-mail list for updates, freebies, and more!

We’ll be living in SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF HOMES that I can hardly control myself with giddiness!

  • Range of home types and environments and sizes? Check!
  • Gleaning “best practices” for home from every spot we’ll be living in? Of course!
  • New 2023-2024 ideas and inspiration to Jess’ brain? Guaranteed!

If you have any questions you want answered, send us a message because there are a LOT of questions to cover in my next post!🤪


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