Italian Home Search: Step #1 (a.k.a. Sometimes Jess Has Fun Being Unrealistic)!

OK, so we’re planning a “slow travel” trip to northern Italy, because it’s one place in Italy we haven’t explored much of yet. (We’re going other spots too but I’m just talking about northern Italy today.)

I’ve enjoyed visiting various areas of this country over several different trips with different people each time (the last time was with Matt so he knows the dealio), but never before was northern Italy able to make it onto our itinerary because of time.

Well, now we’re going to have time, gente! And I’ve been having what is quite probably too much fun checking out the places to stay, because they range from ultra modern Italian all the way to villas from the 1800s and beyond!

Wanna look at some of them with me and chuckle? Of course you do! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ mwahahahaha You’re welcome to join us in Italy because clearly you’ll enjoy the homes and where we stay just as much as the outdoors.

Now, let’s be honest: I would like to stay in this place. The end.

PS: If you expect to see realistic places we’re going to stay in this post, think again. This is much more fun! And all part of my process. πŸ˜‰


Even though it isn’t for rent, and it’s a museum we can visit, but look at this terrace on the lake. And the view. Si, signore.


Looking up at painted ceilings while passed out on the sofa after a long walk = new experience!

Here’s Opzione Numero Uno! (Yes, we’re brushing up on our Italian and yes, we’re going to blend in LIKE THE NIGHT!)

Going much more fancy Italian, how fun would it be to stay here?!

I mean, I’ve never lounged on the couch at home while staring up at a painted ceiling, so I’d be game to try it out! πŸ™‚

I’d have to explain the half-naked lady paintings to my daughters, but we’ll be in Italy so I’m sure those won’t be the last naked paintings or sculptures they see. “Welcome to the next level of your cultural education, children!”

Oooh, as I scroll through, I see at least Baby Jesus is there to help me explain. Or at least just feel better about the “Naked-Ladies-to-Jesus Ratio” in our new living room.

(Also, yes, I know what you’re thinking…”The villa owners will be begging Jess to write their new property descriptions.”)

And lest you haven’t noticed yet, look at the floors! Even in the bedroom!

Since Matt and I will still be working remotely while in Italy, we need desks.

Can’t you picture me blogging from the desk below? (Again, Jesus is there to help me.)

Ornate floors + giant desk + Jesus painted over my shoulder = blogging masterpieces await us all!

Duuuuuuude! There are SCULPTURES in our new home! With more wall and ceiling paintings.

Although it looks like two young children fighting, so I’m not sure how I feel about it now. Will my kids get ideas? Like, “Ooooh, if we fight, we’ll get commemorated FOR-EV-ER! In stone!”

Next, the kitchen photos are very unexciting and a bit 1960s ish but what DID catch my eye was the two highlights of the kitchen they decided to showcase (pasting a screenshot below of what the text says):

Sold and sold!

Dishwashers weren’t common when we lived in New Zealand, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when we see a place that has one now. Because as much as I can some days find handwashing kind of therapeutic, there are also some days where you just want to use a dishwasher. And Mama likes to have opziones.



Maybe they have a group discount…?

Now I invite you to dream with me for a moment of how fun it would be to stay here in THIS private villa with THESE gardens and pool for a month…


View? Yes, I can handle that.

A romantic villa for 20?

I just need about 20 of you to go in on this with me. Thanks.

Stay tuned for where we actually go! (I found a place with an incredible lake + mountain view where Matt and I will sip local Italian wine and talk every night while our children put themselves to bed. πŸ˜‰ Riiight?)

In the meantime, go here to see our past travel locations!

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