The Upgraded Kitchen Bundle! (6 + 3 FREE!)

Feeling overwhelmed? The average kitchen remodel will cost you over $30k+ and countless hours of your time, with many contractors and salespeople at every stage taking more time and money than necessary…are you prepared for this? (99% of people aren’t!)

You want to feel confident and empowered that you know how to move through this kitchen process

  • Easily!
  • Efficiently!
  • Intelligently!


So we created this Upgraded Kitchen Design & Improvement Bundle get you what you need from someone you trust!πŸ’•

  1. “How to Organize Your Kitchen (for Maximum Functionality & Storage)!”
  2. “How to Design a Timeless Kitchen (That’s Never Out of Style)!”
  3. “The Ideal Kitchen Layout!”
  4. “The Genius Kitchen Priorities Planner!”
  5. “The Complete Guide to Hiring & Working with Contractors!”(this one’s huge!)
  6. “The Optimal Kitchen Remodel Schedule!” (this is exactly how WE do it to optimize time & costs!)

+3 FREE BONUS GUIDES** (ending soon)

  1. “Our 15+ Secrets to Saving Major Money On Your Kitchen!” (This one alone MORE than pays for the bundle. You’re welcome.😊)
  2. Personalized Kitchen Remodel Worksheets
  3. “The Ultimate Kitchen Checklist!”

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*If you’re looking for a smaller package, check out The Essential Kitchen Organization Bundle! (includes 3 guides & workbooks)

**This Upgraded Bundle includes everything you’ll need for creating your perfect kitchen once and for all!  Includes nine (6+3 FREE bonus guides for a limited time!) professionally designed, full color guides, workbooks, assessments, mini-courses, smart ideas, tips, valuable shortcuts, hacks and so much more!  The Upgraded Kitchen Design & Improvement Bundle (totaling over 170+ pages we poured all our expertise, strategy and heartfelt knowledge into for you!) walks you through the process to make it EASY (and is instantly downloadable TODAY)!

βž₯ Our individual client Kitchen Design Consulting Packages start at $1,995. If you’d like to hire us directly, there is a waitlist for 2024.

βœ… Where else are you going to find an honest, professional Build-Design team who make zero money off the size of your project? (And who tell you the truth about everything from costs to timelines to what’s going off-trend and therefore you won’t have to pay to replace one day!)

βœ… With this Upgraded Bundle, you’ll learn how to do this easily, efficiently & intelligently!

βœ… Lifetime Access! We’re constantly improving and expanding our guides, so this will continue to increase in size (and price) in future–but the moment you purchase it, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS! πŸ€—πŸ’ƒπŸ’› So whatever updates we make will be yours, for FREE, forEVER!