Video: “Bonus Note re: Drawers!”

If you got the Companion Materials, use these easy drawer templates I've created as another way to help you get an idea of how you can efficiently use whatever drawer space you have, from 1 to 100! (OK, actually I don't want 100 drawers in my about overwhelming and too much stuff! We had over 40 in our big California house and someone asked, "How do you remember what's in each one?" 🤣 When…

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Video: “Let’s Talk Space & Storage!”

I want this to communicate how relaxed you can be about the "pencil to paper" part of it! We can be highly detailed and "computerized" about it if you want, but in a more casual or friendly situation -- such as you having me over for a hot beverage and asking for some kitchen insight ;) -- I want you to feel confident in not needing to be perfectionistic about it! (I've struggled with perfectionism…

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Video: “Let’s Talk Decluttering!”

Decluttering isn't just about getting more space in your kitchen (although that's certainly a fantastic bonus!). The even greater benefit to decluttering is an invisible one--it's proven to LOWER OUR STRESS LEVELS! Decluttered kitchen = calm mind! So all of this is so important, not just for your ease of movement and access in your kitchen, but also for your mental clarity and smoother daily life!

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Welcome + THE most important question we all need to ask ourselves about kitchen org! Note: If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at this, earlier this year I created this resource that goes into this subject in even fuller detail, including not just for your kitchen but your whole home, and it’s received all 5-star reviews and heartwarming feedback stories!  It’s one of those things I recommend everyone going through, if they do…

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This is where we’ll put any FAQs as the weeks of the course continue! This is a BRAND NEW course and so as/if you ask questions, we’ll start posting the responses here so everyone can benefit from them!

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